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Our American Travels
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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hi All,
Well just got back from Perth/Mandurah. Yes we did freeze it was very cold for us.
We caught up with everyone and enjoyed quite a few meals out as well.
Mandurah is so big and busy now we hardly recognise it.
After spending 5 days in jeans, jumpers and coats it was great to come back to Darwin and put on shorts and t-shirts :)
It is the " Build Up" here at the moment, the lead up to the wet season, so it can get pretty humid. Not that I will be complaining about for a while, I would much rather be hot than cold!
Dave has flown straight back to the Mine (Granites) so he won't be home here for another 9 days.
The Caravan Park still has quite a few vans in it - this time last year it was nearly empty. I guess they want to stay warm as long as they can.
Well that will do for now, I have to catch up on the washing :(
Bye for now.
Happy Travels,

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