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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Little Big Horn Battle Field Montana

Today on our way to Rapid City South Dakota we called into the Monument of the Little Big Horn Battle Field. Not knowing too much about American History it was really good to see, and surprising to see how many people died in the battle - youngest 17 and the oldest 56!

We saw the battle field where General Custer died:

The Markers where put where their bodies layed.

They also had a monument naming everyone:

There was a monument to the Indians that died:
This was the surprising site:

We looked around the visitor center that had many displays and memorials (no photo's allowed) and I walked away feeling rather sad as it kept referring to the dead Indians as dieing for their right to live their life true to their beliefs and customs - it seemed very unfair! But this is history!

The horses had a plaque too

Dave and Shell


  1. Glad you enjoyed your visit there, Dave & Shell. It was a highlight for me back in 1994. Are you going near Devil's Tower on your way south? (It featured in the movie "Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind".)

    Stephen & Robyn

  2. Hi Stephen, Thanks for the comment. as you can tell by the new post - yes Devils Tower definitely on our itinary :) Great place!



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