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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Hello From L.A.

Hi Everyone,
Well it has been a very hectic few days!
Firstly let me advise you all Never book a Domestic Flight that only leaves you 1 hour to catch an International Flight! We were concerned about this and checked with Qantas only to be told that 1 hour is plenty of time. Our Flight left Perth late and we got held up landing in Sydney, luckily there were 42 people on our plane catching the flight to L.A. So they held the plane for us, it left an hour late!!!!!!!!!!!

But so far that has been our only major delay. L.A's weather has been fabulous.   We checked into our Motel on Rodeo Drive Beverly Hills.
A small Boutique Motel, but very nice!

Rodeo Drive

Very Quite at 7am - Too early for the beautiful People :)

We rested the first day - very, very tired! Just went for a walk around Beverly hills.
We spotted these cars on Rodeo Drive:

Of course it looks like it this one belongs here but this one certainly didn't:

Then the second day we went on a hop on hop off tour, it was pretty good, again the weather was perfect. We walked along Hollywood Boulevard on the Star walk.
Dave's Hero!

Michael Jackson's was very popular!

There were also many people on the street dressed up as movie characters, Cat Woman took a shine to Dave.

We had a nice lunch at Hooters in Hollywood and as we were seated over looking the street we were amazed how many men wanted to come in but their wives wouldn't let them? A Bit weird we thought!

Here are some of the things we seen from our double decker bus:

Paramount Pictures

The Police Cars really stand out

We thought this was rather amusing!

Of course we had to have a picture of this sign!
 Then the next day we were off to Universal Studios. Wow that was great. Another beautiful day jammed packed with things to do. Dave went on  the rides

 - but as I get vertigo I sat them out and found nice places to rest while he enjoyed the rides. on one of these occassions I was chatted up by a very friendly guy, what do you think?

Me and Beetle Juice!

Shame it couldn't have been this guy:

We went on the studio tour which was very interesting. There was a great 4D scene with King Kong fighting a T- Rex while our train was being bumped around like we were really there.
They drove us through all the sets that they have including this one - Can you guess where it is?

Wisteria Lane - From Desperate Housewives!

Here is a few more:

The House from Psycho

The town of Amity - From Jaws

Different buildings for TV shows

All have been used for different shows

 We also went to some shows including Shrek 3D and finished the day at the Waterworld show - based on the movie with Kevin Costner.

Excellent Effects

Of course I had to add these photo's:

As you can see, we had a great day. We got back to the motel very exhausted. But we had to go out again to get some dinner, we found this great little Pizza place 2 blocks away. But the Pizza'a were Huge, so we just asked for 2 slices each - which would have been 1 of our Pizza's at home! Check out the size of a slice!

We caught a coach today to San Diego and are going to the Zoo tomorrow, but that will be another post!

Cheer's and Happy Travels,


  1. Hey Dave & Shell

    What a fantastic tour around. Bit worried about Dave and the Cat Woman! But you with Beetle Juice....oh no!!!!!!

    Tell Dave to keep away from the pizzas, he'll end up as fat as me. (he he!!)

    Have an incredible time, and look forward to your next post.

    Cheers and beers


  2. Hi Retro's,
    Thanks for your comment, we are having a ball.
    I think Dave & I are both going to end up fat, the food here is awful :( Everything is fatty, deep fried covered in cheese!!!!!!!!!!
    And we haven't had an alcoholic drink since we left Oz!!!!!!!!!! We miss our Bundy! Don't know what else to drink. Our friends have got some Bundy for us in Denver - but that is another week away. Anyway keep watching for updates.
    Dave & Shell

  3. haha that pizza slice is bigger than your head hahaha I love that photo. love shaz


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