Our American Travels

Our American Travels
Our Journey Across America

Thursday, April 28, 2011

We met another Spinifex Owner!

Hi All,
We left Banksia Park C/Park on Tuesday and went down the road to Discovery Holiday Park in Forrestfield.
We got a very nice site right next to the amenities and very easy to set up on. After doing this I walked over to the Ladies only to discover on the other side of the park was another Spinifex Van.

Spin 5

We have never met up with any of them yet so we were keen to go over and say hi - But of course they were not home so we set of to Innaloo to do some shopping and go to the movies.
Dave had got a Movie Voucher through work for the Gold Pass Movie theatres - there is only one in Perth all the way on the other side at Innaloo, it was well worth the drive. Reclining seats, tables and a waiter! We watched The Fast & The Furious 5 - very good movie, lots of action!

After that we did some shopping and returned home about 5, when would you believe the people from the other Spinifex has spotted us and came over for a visit. Phil and Lyn, from QLD. There van is number 5 and ours is 14, so we were comparing our vans :) It was lovely to chat with them and a shame that we were only staying one day! but we will keep in touch and whenever we are in there neck of the woods we will look them up.

Phil & Lyn

We are now in Mandurah at our favourite park - the Top Tourist! Got a good site, plenty of room and the weather is lovely.

Now it is time to start organising for the holiday. Packing bags, Hair Appointments, confirming reservations - it's all happening! Getting very nervous now!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

We are out of Kalgoorlie

Hello Everyone,

Well we have finally left Kalgoorlie! Dave finished work around lunchtime on Thursday and we finished packing up the van.

Nearly ready to pull out!
Of course we had to have "Last Bundies" on our last night!

We headed off Good Friday about 9.30am. We didn't want to go too far so we just drove about 80km's the other side of Coolgardie to  free camp (319) Boondi Rock. It was a pretty good spot with a few campers already set up there. We found a spot with a fireplace and seating and set up. Then we went for a walk to check out the Rock and waterhole.

Our Camp

Water Hole

Dave climbing the rock

Me sitting at the old quarry

Dave in charge of the campfire!

Cooking breakfast!
We headed off the next morning and decided to spend the night at Kellerberin C/Park. A nice Little spot at the showgrounds. But we didn't get much of a sleep in as the camper bus beside us were up and about before 6am :(
Kellerberin C/Park

So after breakfast we headed off again, we fuelled up at Tammin and decided to head down towards Quairading, but when we got there everything was shut - Easter Sunday so we decided to head out to the free camp about 7kms out of Town -but it was right on the road, so we decided to move on to York. Driving down the main street we were amazed how many people were in town. Of course the C/Park was fully booked and the lady informed us so was Northam & Toodyay. So after enquiring around we found out about an unofficial spot to spend the night.
So we set off to that about 9 kms out off town.

Then we set off for a walk to the tower overlooking the Avon River - unfortunately not much water!

The net morning we woke to FOG! We haven't seen that in a while!

After realising we were getting too close to Perth to fin any more free camps we decided to ring ahead and book a C/Park. So we are now at Banksia Tourist Park in hazelmere for a couple of days.

Banksia Park

We drove here via Beverley and the Brookton Hwy - very nice drive. But the country side is very dry!
I had already booked Discovery Holiday Park in Forestfield for Wednesday so we will have 1 day there then down to Mandurah on Thursday when it will start to get very hectic - catching up with kids and packing for our holiday - getting very nervous now!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hopefully I will have time for 1 more post before we leave for America next Tuesday!

Happy Travels

Monday, April 18, 2011

Leaving Kal soon !!!!!!!!!!

Hi All,

Well as you can imagine we have been rather busy over the last couple of weeks, parties, packing up etc.

We had another BBQ with friends, another very good night :)
Dave & Gary

Me & Rowena

Dean,Cathy & Kyle

The Party Tent was full!!!!!!!!

Then I quit my job as a cleaner in the park - so of course we had to have a girls night out for that!

Leanne & Me

Jenny & Leanne

Jenny & Me

We even played pool! - I won :)
We had a great night, dinner, dancing and playing pool - who could ask for more!

Then it was Steve's (neighbour) Birthday so out to dinner again.

Shona & Brian

Steve & Jen - Birthday Kiss!

Dave & I
Then yesterday it was time to pack up the annexe - Dave had to work so I made a start.

Rear - before

Front Before

Rear wall down

Front Wall Down

Then Dave come home from work and we took down the big side wall and put up a shade wall for our last 4 days here!

One big job done, and it fitted back under the bed fine - so obviously I didn't accumulate too much junk while here:)

We leave here Friday and are going bush camping for a week.

I will update before we leave for the USA

Happy Travels

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Our Busy Weekend

Hi Everyone,
We have just had a great weekend, Partying with friends on Saturday Night at a neighbours BBQ.
Kat & Cass - the 2 girls in black below  - are leaving town and heading north on their travels so we had a send off for them.

Great friend's, great food & Bundy - who could ask for more!

On Sunday Dave and I decided to visit the Miners Hall of Fame. Something we have wanted to do since we got here but never got around to it! It it really good value for money. $30 for an underground tour - level ! 36ft underground, and you also get to see a gold pour!

I actually went underground!

Mine Shaft

Our Tour Guide

Then it was on to the Gold pour

Wouldn't it have been nice if I got to take this home!

Then we walked around and looked at all the machinery they have about the place - this is only a few things

A Small Dump Truck


they even have a Chinese Garden

Very nice in the middle of the Desert!

For an extra $5 each you could get a tour on a very large 793C Dump Truck!

Very big Machine - Our Tour guide was a young girl that actually drives these.

Well that was our big weekend. next week we are going to start to pack up the annexe and get things organised for leaving on Good Friday. Then we will bush camp for about a week before heading off to Mandurah to catch up with daughters Bec and Teigan for a couple of days - THEN WE ARE OFF TO THE USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cheers and Happy Travels
Dave and Shell