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Friday, December 31, 2010

Our year in Photo's 2010

Hi Everyone, I (Borrowed) this Idea off Retro Roamers :)

For those of you that follow their Blog too, you will know what I mean.

We have certainly had another FULL year and we have decided to share it with you all on our Blog. So I thought I would just re-cap and put it all into 1 Post by way of Photo's. We hope you enjoy!


We were in Mandurah living in and renovating our investment property in preparation for it's sale. Hated living in a house again - too many chores to do :(
But atleast we were able to catch up with 2 of our Daughters for Christmas:

I also had a very good friend from Charters Towers visit and we went over to Rottnest Island for the day:


This was one of the year's highlights. ACDC Concert in Brisbane. I took our eldest daughter Bec and we had an absolute ball.

It was the best concert I have ever been too! 1 thing I can cross off the Bucket List - See ACCA DACCA before I die! 
Bec and I spent the next 4 days on the Gold Coast we had a blast!

The View from our room

Well we finally got the house all finished and on the market - alot of work. I had to repaint every wall in the house. Luckily I've had a lot of practice - I have done 7 houses! Actually 8 it's the second time I painted this one!

From this

To this

From this

To this!
We also reached a pretty big milestone - 25 Years Happily Married! For this occasion we shouted ourselves a cruise.


We had a cruise booked for a year so we were very excited when it came around. 11 Nights cruising to Vanuatu - we had never been overseas before so were had every emotion happening. We had to fly from Perth to Sydney to catch the ship.Of course we went in style:

We got to Sydney a week before so we could do some sightseeing. Dave climbed the bridge - I was supposed to but got sick that morning.

The big day come we were so excited.


Cruising Past the Opera House

Swimming in "Blue Lagoon" from the movie

Local Village in Vanuatu
We had an absolute ball - even though I did get sea sick for the first few days - remedy - More Bundy!!!!!!!!


Back in Mandurah our middle daughter Shantelle flew over from Charters Towers for a visit.

Dave, Shantelle & Bec

It was a month shy of her 21st so we had a celebration lunch.


Another big occassion that we had been waiting for - Our New Spinifex Off Road Caravan was nearly ready!
So we drove over to Brisbane to pick it up.

But when we got there it wasn't quite ready :( but we didn't want to rush them so we flew to Townsville for the weekend to surprise Shantelle for her 21st.

She was really thrilled!

Dave had to fly back to work and I waited in Brisbane til our van was ready.
Taking the van to get registered

All ready to go!
I had a friend tow it to a park in Brissy where I waited until Dave flew back to get us.


Still waiting for Dave and it was my 45th Birthday, so the Spinifex Crew came around to have drinks with me.

It was a very cold July in Brisbane

Dave finally flew back and we had to head home.

We stopped in at the Head of the Bight

Beautiful Scenery


Back in Mandurah we set up the van at Mandurah Top Tourist Park.
This is it our new home to take us wherever we want!

We had to sort out everything we had in our old van and see what we really needed in this one - it was a huge job. When you live in your van you need lots!

The house has finally sold & settled, so that chapter is closed.

We took a spontaneous flying visit back to Victoria for Dave's Grandmother's 100th Birthday,

What a lady!


Dave was waiting to see where his next Job was so we took the van to Burns Beach for a few days.

Beautiful spot but very cold and windy.

Dave found out about his job - we're off to Kambalda.

Very basic park

 I tried to find work in Kambalda, but there is really nothing there apart from the Woolies supermarket and they didn't need anyone.


Unfortunately Dave's Grandmother had a fall and broke her hip - she passed away, aged 100 years 1 Month and 1 day! What a life she had. So it was another trip back to Victoria for the funeral. This time we took a week off to catch up with everybody. Dave even surprised me with a day trip to the snow at Falls Creek

Falls Creek

We had a weekend away in Esperance - I really needed to get away.

A local on the beach


Wow we fitted in a lot this month:

Fishing trip to Orleans Bay - Near Esperance

Perth 4WD & Camping Show

And a Trip to Hyden to see Wave Rock!


Another HUGE month. We decided to have a weekend in Kalgoorlie - didn't know that they had a parade on that weekend?

We were up on the right of the balcony - Bundy in hand!

Then we went to the Super Pit.

Another weekend we went to Mandurah for a Pre -Christmas visit.

Growing Mandurah!

Then it was Christmas so we were off to Esperance again - But not what we expected! Bloody Cold!

icy waters!

But we had a great time and the best part was when we got back to Kambalda and we packed up the van to head off to Kalgoorlie :)
Packing up!

Nearly ready to go

Now we are at the Discovery Holiday Park in Burt st Boulder. It is much better. the staff couldn't be more helpful and friendly. We have an Ensuite site and are very happy, we have even met a few of the neighbours.

Our new site in Boulder

nice and cosy

Well, what a year! that took me 4 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I don't know whether to thank Retro Roamers or Not :)

We hope you all have a Wonderful New Year! Cheers to Everyone

Dave and Shell


  1. Hi Shell & Dave, and good work on the years fun and games......really enjoyed it.

    Blimey I know where the daughters got their good looks from. Sorry Dave!

    Have a great 2011 you two, and look forward to another up date. I told ya I was a blog junkie.

    Cheers & beers


  2. Thanks Paul & Wendy,
    I couldn't believe how long it took me.
    Of course downloading the photo's is the longest part.
    Dave said thanks for the comment on the girls looks:)
    Of course if you tell them they look anything like their Mother and they will give you a mouh full!
    Daughters and Mothers are meant to clash i'm sure!

    Cheers Shell

  3. Hi Dave & Shell

    Yep four hours is a marathon call...but hey the world knows all about your year now....all worth it I'm sure.

    Yeah. kids are good fun.....didn't have to raise daughters, they tell me we missed out on the fun.....mmmmmmmmmmm!

    Being two hours ahead of ya here, I am about to close up the motel, and probably true to form we will both be counting z's by midnight.....all to hard....or maybe the body can't keep up anymore.

    Come on Feb 1st. 2011

    Enjoy your time seeing in the new year, and I will drop you an email tomorrow, as I need some info from you guys this time.

    Cheers & beers


  4. Hi Dave and Shell,

    Just read through your year and it was well worth the four hours I reckon. Take a well done.

    You sure have your family spread around...and how many daughters do you have..?? Is it three? All lovely looking girls and I agree with Retro Roamers comment....

    How about some pics of the van interior. it looks great and I am envious.

    Anyway, keep on enjoying, I hope we meet up one day soon.


    Don & Michele

  5. Hi Don & Michele,
    Thankyou for your comment. Yes we have 3 Daughters, Bec 24 next month, Shantelle 21, Teigan 20 in March.
    Here is the link to our van interior - hope it works. If not it's on our blog, post titled "Our Wonderful New Home"


    Cheers Shell


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