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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Trip Back to Mandurah

Hi Everyone,

Well it is about time that I told you about our trip back to Mandurah in our Beautiful New Spinifex - Home!
Well Dave finally got back on Friday 20th July and he spent the weekend checking everything out - he was so excited. Then on Monday we drove back to Spinifex for a few little adjustments before we went to Bribie Island for 2 days to visit some friends and then it was time to head back to W.A.
We were pretty keen to do some free camping and test everything out. The first free camp was at a town called Bollon. campsite 828 Camps 4 (bible) it is called Wallam Creek and is right on the river. Everything worked perfectly, the site was very unlevel so Dave just used the airbags to level the van - pretty cool!  and  the diesel heater was well worth the money as well.
                                                         Wallam Creek Camp 828

Then the next day we got as far as Cobar and then headed off a bit further to the Meadow Glen rest area Camp 1057 once again the heater came in very handy. Mind you I did feel abit embarrassed as all the other campers were huddled up to campfires - we were inside toasty warm!
                                                 Meadow Glen rest area Camp 1057

Then it was off to Broken Hill for a few days where we had arranged to catch up with Dave's parents - they had driven up from Wodonga Vic. We stayed at the Top Tourist Park which was pretty full. We heard from a couple who had their wallet and purse stolen while they had walked to the toilets! Very sad as this meant it had to be another camper close by.

We took Dave's parents to Silverton for a drive - the scenery was certainly different to the last time we had been there. There was a green tinge! We were told by the Tavern owner that filming for the new Mad Max movie had to be postponed as it was too green!

After a lovely couple of days it was time to head off again.
Next stop Kyancutta S.A. Camp 766 Polkdinney Park only 2 other campers there and another cold night.
Off early again the next morning - unfortunately we did have to get back for Dave's job, so we couldn't do too much sightseeing. But we made time to call into The Head of the Bight where we seen some huge whales.

Then it was on to find a camp site. We chose to stay on the Nullabor at Camp 667 - we were the only ones there and the view was magnificent. But I must say the wind picked up about midnight and I was very glad we were in a 3tonne Van :)
                                                                        Camp 667

That was it for our free camps, then it was Norseman Gateway C/Park and then onto Mandurah Top Tourist C/Park. Our Journey back was over 4.800kms in 8 Days!!!!!!!!!!!! and Dave did all the driving - cause his wife is too chicken to tow!

We are thrilled with our van, everything worked perfectly. We couldn't be happier.


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