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Our American Travels
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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Anaheim - Disneyland

Hello again Everyone,

Wow the time is really flying for us and we are trying to fit in as much as we can.

We arrived in Anaheim after a 2 1/2 hour coach trip from San Diego, glad we are not driving yet, the roads are so busy - the freeways are 8 lanes wide! The most popular vehicles over here are their trucks! - Dodge Ram, F- trucks - I even seen a F750! Check this Nissan out, it makes me look like a midget!

Anabella Hotel

Our Motel is walking distance to Disneyland, and close to some cheap restuarants, but of course the servings are still HUGE, even the coke check this out:

We rested for the first day and then hit Disney the next morning. It isn't the peak season but the lines were still really long. Dave went on all of the hairy rides and I joined him on the tame ones. Here are a few photo's of Disneyland:

We had purchased a 3 day pass to Disneyland which included a visit to California Adventure Park, next door. ( didn't know about that Park ) it had alot more rides including a Big Arse Rollercoaster - of course Dave had to go on that!

I went on the Ferris Wheel

This park wasn't as busy for some reason so we got to see pretty much all of it. Here are a few photo's:

This was the Tower of Terror

I watched the Parade while Dave was in the Tower of Terror

Mr Potato Head

Start of the Rollercoaster

We have had to resort to drinking Wine :(

We have also had some night time entertainment in Anaheim. 1 night we went to the Dinner Show Called Medieval Times - that was excellant. Set up alot like Outback Spectacular in Queensland, just that this was back in Medieval days with Duals and Swordfights and the horses were magnificent!

The costumes were very authentic

                                          Our Team were the Black and White - We Won!!!!!

We also went to another Diner show called Pirates - very good as well. We were the blue team and we won again - we are hoping this continues in Vegas :) Unfortunately Pirates was a very fast passed act so none of the photo's turned out :) So just the one they took of us when we arrived:

Yesterday I caught up with the washing while Dave went back to California Adventure Park for his last fix of adrenelin on the rides :)

Today we are on a coach heading to Vegas - yes as I type this! The coach has WiFi - I'm amazed!

We are really looking forward to Vegas - our highlight! We have a show tonight at 9pm, may need a power nap later!

Well until our next post this is goodbye, thankyou to everyone for following and your comments.

Cheers - with Wine!

Dave and Shell


  1. Hey you guys, welcome to America.. the land of big, bigger and the biggest. We just love the trucks over there, trouble is, our carparks just would not cope. Have a great time.

  2. O, by the way, don't miss a nighttime visit to Freemont street in Vegas - it's just a blast.

  3. Hi Mike & Kerry,
    Thanks for the comments. Yes everything is big over here and we went to Freemont st Last night - Wow that was fun! We got our photo taken with the Million Dollars and took a photo of the hand of faith :)
    Cheers Shell


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