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Our American Travels
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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Update for 2011

Hi to all our loyal followers and new friends!

I just thought I'd better put something on our blog to let you know that we are still around.

Very warm in Kalgoorlie today 40 in the shade!

First news is that I have finally got a job :)
I am working  as a cleaner at the Discovery Holiday Park  - where we live! So very handy, can walk to work. No more sitting around on the computer all day! Dave is happy too! No more whinging about being bored!

We really like living in this park, the people are very friendly and the Park have a sundowner every Saturday night, all invited - tourists and permanents. It good to catch up and hear each others travel stories!

We haven't been doing any sightseeing lately - due to work commitments, but we have a few day trips planned when we get the chance.

On another note we have been giving our Weber Baby Q BBQ a good work out here - too hot to cook in the van!

First we tried some scones - they were delicious!!!!!!

Then we tried Pizza - But unfortunately that burnt on the bottom and wasn't cooked on the top! So I put the question on a few Caravan Forums on how to cook Pizza? I had heaps of replies and it turns out that Weber make a Pizza Stone! So off we went to get that and Wallah - it worked!


After - perfectly cooked!

Well that is all, just wanted to catch up :)

Happy travels to everyone.



  1. Hi Guys

    Yum, yum, you have done well Shell with that Pizza. Can't beat the Baby Q, it is always on the ready when we are Retro Roaming.

    Got a job, good stuff....hard yakka though...so the bride tells me.

    You won't be bored now, just stuffed at the end of a big day with your head down and bum up.(he he!!)

    Just enjoy


    Cheers & beers


  2. Baby Q sounds neat! But I'm a bakery girl myself ... one of the greatest joys of finding a new place is discovering the bakery! Or is that just me?!?!

  3. No, i am a bakery lover as well .... not into the cake's but yummy pie's :-)

    We have a Baby Q as well, never tried the pizza but now we are going to have to, looks yummy.

  4. Hi Guys, thanks for the comments.
    We certainly love bakeries as well! But the Baby Q was certainly worth the money, we have been using it for years for steaks and roasts but now we can use it for Pizza's and scones - which were absolutely beautiful!

    Cheers Shell


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