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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Our Week in Las Vegas

Well we have had a very full week in Vegas - There is so much to see & do here!

The weather has been wonderful averaging 105F a day! (40C)
We have done plenty of shopping, including both Outlet Malls :) - Our girls should be happy about that, they weren't forgotten!

We went to 2 Shows - The first one was fantastic -  Viva ELVIS Cirque du Soleil. It was Dancing & Acrobatics done to Elvis music, they were very talented.

The second show was a real dissapointment - The Peepshow!
Yes guys probably really loved it - Lots of Boobs! But the storyline & singing were awful - My opinion!
But being on the strip at night is wonderful it is a real Light show:

Amazing colours!

Harley Davidson Store

We also went to Another Outdoor World - I know your probably sick of seeing them now but this one was actually attached to a Casino! We hadn't seen that before & they also had some African Stuffed animals:

A Giraffe

A Pride Of Lions

Elk fighting

Dave got to have another shoot!

The Motel that we stayed at The Gold Coast - Now where else would 2 Aussies Stay:

Yes it is in Vegas!

It had its own bowling Alley - so we had to go bowling;

Action shot!

But Dave won:


We also went on a City tour With Pink Jeep Tours:
The Pink Jeep!

M&M Store has 4 floors!

MGM Lion

The Infamous Las Vegas Sign!

Statue of Liberty at the New York New York Hotel

Our tour took us to the Famous Porn -oops! Pawn Shop from the Pawn Stars show on TV:

The only way you get to see the Stars!

Super Bowl  Rings

The Store - A lot smaller than you think!
Our tour guide told us that the "Stars" are only there for filming. We were surprised how small the store really was - it seems alot bigger on the show!
Then it was off to the Mob Museum, which was very interesting a lot of memorabilia of the gangster days:
Looking very guilty!

Gotta Love this Caption!

Then it was on to Fremont Street, we got our photo taken at Binions again with the Million Dollars:

Then to the Golden Nugget to take a photo of the "Hand Of Faith" that was found in Victoria Australia:

The Golden Nugget Hotel had some beautiful light fittings:

They are blown glass

And this amazing Pool next to a Shark tank with a Waterslide going through the middle of it!
Then into the mall to see the lights:

Then they turned on the overhead lights which are out of this world:

A great way to end the day.

We were also in town for the 4th of July. We spent most of the day checking out the shops on the strip & Dave went for a ride on the New York New York Roller-coaster:

We run into this fellow -
we christened him The Bundy Bear!

He even liked the Bundy Hat!

We had a really good time in Vegas - although we didn't win any money - but we didn't lose either, so that's good!
So Cheers to Vegas:

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