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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

We're Back

Princess Jewel

Hi Everyone,

We are back from our P & O Cruise to Vanuatu, Unfortunately I got sea sick for the first 2 days! Yes the big ships do move around alot!

That is a photo of the water splashing out of the pool - there is nobody in the pool! That's how rocky the ship was!

We enjoyed all the shows - there was one every night. We played Bingo most days - that was actually alot of fun, the guy calling the numbers really got you all involved.

There were quiz nights and live music, so you never really got a chance to get bored. Then there was the food - WOW full on, yes we put on weight. There was buffet and restuarants to choose from cafe's and lots of Bars as well - Yes the Bundy was free flowing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We made some new friends and have exchanged e-mails so we can keep in touch.

We went on some Island tours as well. That was a real eye opener, we have never been out of the country before so seeing how the people of Vanuatu live was really an experience to remember.

Huts in Wala

We spent a few days in Sydney before we went on the cruise, we went to the Sydney Supershow - Caravan Show. There was alot to see there. Dave also climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Which he enjoyed.

When we returned to Sydney after the Cruise we went up in the Sydney Tower - that was great, the view was magnificent.

Now it is all over and Dave is back at work. We still haven't sold the house, but we don't really want to rent it out again so we are keeping it on the market a while longer.

Now for some news that we have been keeping quiet for a while, we are getting a new Caravan built by Spinifex Caravans in Brisbane!!!!!!!! It will be ready next month, we are very excited about that. It will be an Off Road van 19ft 6 Internal with a full Ensuite across the back of the van. With all the bells and whistles:)

We have sold the Kedron caravan - alot easier than selling the house!

As we have decided that we much prefer living in a Caravan to a house we thought we would upgrade. There was nothing wrong with the other van but we just wanted a bit more space and a better design for living in it fulltime. We will put some pictures on here when it is built.

Dave's boss has asked him to stay on at Kambalda for a while longer, so he is still doing fly in fly out of Perth. 2 weeks on 1 week off. I am just going to be assessing everything in our house to see what we actually want to keep, what goes in to storage and what we sell - huge decisions :)

I am getting a headache thinking about it!

Well that's it for now,

I will keep you informed about the caravan.

Bye for now

Happy Travels.


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