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Our American Travels
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Monday, July 5, 2010

We have our wonderful "New Home"

Hi everyone,

We are very excited - We have our van! Well atleast I do. I'll explain:

I left Mandurah on Sunday 13th June after packing up the car with as much Caravan stuff as I could fit and drove to Kambalda to Dave's Mine. It was about a 6 hrs drive.
Then on Monday morning Dave went in for a few hours work and we left about 9.30am. We got to Eucla about 7pm but the motel was full so we had to drive another 13km's more to Border Village for the night. We got up at 5am the next morning - it was bloody freezing!!!!!!!!!!!
We took turns in driving as we wanted to get to Brisbane ASAP. I drove "The Treeless Plain" on the Nullabor! That night we stayed at  Broken Hill.  It was extemely cold, we got a cabin in a C/Park, we turned the heater on and the electric blankets, it had been a very long day.
Then the next morning off again as far as Goondiwindi  where we decided to stay so that we could have a sleep in and arrive in Brisbane fresh Thursday after lunch. We had a bit of trouble finding a motel as they all had no vacancy signs up - The state of Origin was on! But we found one - no electric blankets, but a heater.
We slept in until around 8 and then did some washing before heading off, we got to our friends - Peter & Glenys's about 2pm. We had been in contact with Spinifex on our trip and we knew our van wasn't ready yet, but we had arranged to go to the factory for a look on Friday.
We were like school kids all excited about seeing our van for the first time, we have seen photo's but it's not the same. It was everything we hoped it would be.

We spent most of the day there checking it all out and seeing what else had to be done. Not much just the fiddly stuff.
As the next day was our daughter Shantelle's 21st we decided to fly up to Townsville to surprise her. We had already booked her and her boyfriend Peter into a motel there as a birthday present so we just got ourselves a room there too! She was very suprised and we had a great night out at the Cowboys Leagues Club.

We flew back to Brisbane on Sunday, rather tired.
On Monday it was back to Spinifex to discuss with Steve how much longer it would take - another week! It was a bit dissapointing but we didn't want to rush him as that is where mistakes are made. But as dave only had a week off he had to fly back to work on Tuesday. Which mean't I had to stay with Pete and Glenys until our van was ready.
Saturday 26th June - Van is ready!!!!!!!!
Peter towed it to a C/Park for me and set it all up and her I am just waiting until dave returns to take us back to W.A.
I have been living in our Wonderful New Home for over a week now and I absolutely love it! It is everything we wanted. After all it is van number 4 so we should know what we want by now.

Here is a link to Construction Photo's:

Isn't she a beauty!
I can't wait until Dave can come back to see the finished product.
He should be back around the 17th July and after a few days of rest and checking out the van we will head off on our way back to W.A. our house settles on August 4th and we have to move the rest of our stuff out of it, as well as get the rest of our Caravan stuff - I am living with the bare essentials at the moment. Dave has 2 weeks off for us to get back.
Well that is it for now,
Happy Travels

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