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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Here in Kambalda

Hi All,

We stayed in Mandurah for a few months finalising our house sale and downsizing our belongings and putting them into storage - that wasn't fun!
We stayed at the Top Tourist Park on Pinjarra Rd - can totally recommend it, lots of trees, spotless amenities, helpful staff etc.

Dave was flying in and out to a South Australian mine until they had another position for him. When he finished up there, we took the van up to Burns Beach C/Park - other side of Perth, for a week until we heard where he was going.
Our campsite was right next to the beach we had a beautiful view out of the kitchen window, but it was windy and freezing cold, couldn't even put the awning out - and we had to walk along way to the amenities!

When the week was up David got word that he would be working in Kambalda - 60 west of Kalgoorlie, so we were off!
We called into Cunderdin on the way to see the Ettamogah Pub - and have a Bundy of course :)

Then it was onto Kambalda. We didn't get there until nearly 5.30pm so it was dusk and a bit hard to see. They told us at reception to just park anywhere! So we found a site and unhooked, we didn't worry to much about anything else as we had to get tea organised and it was getting dark.

The next morning was a huge shock - we got to see the park in daylight! WOW there wasn't much to it. A lot of red dirt and not much else.
But we have been here about 6 weeks now and I am getting used to it.
Kambalda is a very small town that fluctuates with the mines. There are no jobs here for me seeing I work in retail, so I have handed my resume out to a few places in Kalgoorlie - maybe closer to Christmas I may get something.

Dave had 4 days off a few weeks ago and we drove down to Esperance - 3 hours away. We really enjoyed our time down there. We went on a drive across to Condingup Tavern for lunch, but as we got there at 11am we decided to drive a bit further and have a look around - glad we did, we found some beautiful beaches and fishing spots ( for next time) at Cape Arid National Park. We particularly liked Tagon Beach. There were some great camping sites too. Not for Caravans but Tents and Camping trailers would be perfect - even had toilets. Then we came back and had lunch at the Tavern and the young girl there told us about Orleans Bay Caravan Park 20kms from the tavern. So we drove there and had a look and have decided to go there on Davids next break - we won't take the van, we will use one of there cabins. We are looking forward to that!

                  This photo was taken at Lucky Bay, another camp/caravan site we came across.

Hopefully the next blog will contain photo's of fish that we have caught :)  We are not that lucky with catching fish!

Well that has brought everyone up to date with our travels. Hope all is well with everyone. A Special thanks to Stephen for telling me to update :)

Happy Travels
Shell & Dave

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