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Our American Travels
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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Impromptu weekend in Perth

Hi Everyone,

Well Dave and I have just got back from a great weekend in Perth. We heard from some good friends of ours - (Jack and Si, that we had met in Darwin )- that they had just got to Perth and were flying out to start work in the Pilbara next week.
We hadn't seen them for about 16months so we made a split decision to go to Perth for the weekend.
We didn't tell them we were coming :) We left at 4.30 on Friday afternoon and arrived at the Discovery Holiday Park in Hale Rd Perth at about 11pm - very tired! So we walked around the park to find their Caravan so we knew where to go the next morning then it was off to bed.

After we woke and had showers we wandered off to surprise them :) They were sitting outside having breakfast - yes they were very surprised!!!!!!!!!!  After the initial shock we all sat down for a cuppa and a chat.
We decided that we would meet up a bit later for lunch and then off to the Great Northern Distillery in the swan valley.

We walked from the C/Park to the Hale Rd Tavern for a beautiful lunch of Barramundi and a few Bundy's. Then we caught a Taxi to the Distillery which makes Canefire Rum.
As it is not a hotel, they give you a card when you arrive to say that you are entitled to 3 drinks at $3ea which also includes a variety of cocktails. We all had our 3 drinks - very nice indeed!

Great Day Out with good friends!


Sunday was alot slower paced! Just a few drinks and a BBQ Dinner.

Chef Jack

Dave taking it easy

Chow Time!
 Dave and I drove back to Kalgoorlie on Monday, back to work now. But the countdown is on for the USA only 11 weeks til we go.

Cheers and Happy Travels,


  1. Hi Shell

    Great to see you catching up with friends. Hope you enjoyed a bundy or three.

    Who's on count down now!!!

    Cheers & beers


  2. Hi Shelle,
    I spoke to you this morning at the park just before we left. It was lovely to meet you, and we look forward to reading about your American adventures as well.
    We are heading off next month for 6 months, so speaking to people who have already done it is fascinating.
    I had forgotten that you were at that park until we were walking around and I saw the "Spinifex" on your van, and I said to my husband, that must be the people who we are following..... Fantastic blog and all the best for the future.

    Adele, Graham & Luke

  3. Hi Adele,
    It was great to meet you this morning, shame I had to work. I can't get your e-mail this way, if you go into my profile and click on contact it will give you my e-mail.

    Happy Travels,


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