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Our American Travels
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Monday, April 18, 2011

Leaving Kal soon !!!!!!!!!!

Hi All,

Well as you can imagine we have been rather busy over the last couple of weeks, parties, packing up etc.

We had another BBQ with friends, another very good night :)
Dave & Gary

Me & Rowena

Dean,Cathy & Kyle

The Party Tent was full!!!!!!!!

Then I quit my job as a cleaner in the park - so of course we had to have a girls night out for that!

Leanne & Me

Jenny & Leanne

Jenny & Me

We even played pool! - I won :)
We had a great night, dinner, dancing and playing pool - who could ask for more!

Then it was Steve's (neighbour) Birthday so out to dinner again.

Shona & Brian

Steve & Jen - Birthday Kiss!

Dave & I
Then yesterday it was time to pack up the annexe - Dave had to work so I made a start.

Rear - before

Front Before

Rear wall down

Front Wall Down

Then Dave come home from work and we took down the big side wall and put up a shade wall for our last 4 days here!

One big job done, and it fitted back under the bed fine - so obviously I didn't accumulate too much junk while here:)

We leave here Friday and are going bush camping for a week.

I will update before we leave for the USA

Happy Travels


  1. Tick, tick, tick, but who's clock watching, not you aye Shell.

    Seems a great farewell party was had by all....to bad I missed it.

    Trust you enjoy your bush camping, look forward to that post.

    Cheers & beers


  2. Hey you guys, we see that you are almost ready to board the big jet in the sky. keep in touch whilst you are over in the good old USA, we just love the place and have missed not visiting this year. Right now we are in Kununarra and heading on towards Broome this week. Let us know if you have any good ideas for us up that way. mike@bizwizards.biz.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Hi Mike and Kerry,
    Thanks for the comment, Yes it is not long now and we our getting very excited :) and nervous!
    Enjoy your time up north - we haven't been to Broome or Kununarra yet, apart from our very quick trip back from Darwin when we spent 1 night in Kununarra at the big 4 - very nice park, where we met our friends Lyall & Trish. But if you make it to N.T. we can give you lots of advice on tourist stuff :)

    Cheers and happy travels


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