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Thursday, April 28, 2011

We met another Spinifex Owner!

Hi All,
We left Banksia Park C/Park on Tuesday and went down the road to Discovery Holiday Park in Forrestfield.
We got a very nice site right next to the amenities and very easy to set up on. After doing this I walked over to the Ladies only to discover on the other side of the park was another Spinifex Van.

Spin 5

We have never met up with any of them yet so we were keen to go over and say hi - But of course they were not home so we set of to Innaloo to do some shopping and go to the movies.
Dave had got a Movie Voucher through work for the Gold Pass Movie theatres - there is only one in Perth all the way on the other side at Innaloo, it was well worth the drive. Reclining seats, tables and a waiter! We watched The Fast & The Furious 5 - very good movie, lots of action!

After that we did some shopping and returned home about 5, when would you believe the people from the other Spinifex has spotted us and came over for a visit. Phil and Lyn, from QLD. There van is number 5 and ours is 14, so we were comparing our vans :) It was lovely to chat with them and a shame that we were only staying one day! but we will keep in touch and whenever we are in there neck of the woods we will look them up.

Phil & Lyn

We are now in Mandurah at our favourite park - the Top Tourist! Got a good site, plenty of room and the weather is lovely.

Now it is time to start organising for the holiday. Packing bags, Hair Appointments, confirming reservations - it's all happening! Getting very nervous now!

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