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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Update from Kalgoorlie

Hi Everyone,

Well a bit has happened since our last update.

Firstly we have upgraded our car to a new Toyota Landcruiser Altitude - V8 Twin Turbo Diesel, it is a limited edition model with a couple of extra's like - Leather Electric Seats & Built In Sat Nav with reverse camera.

There was nothing wrong with our 100 Series apart from the fact it was now 6 years old! So we felt it was time to trade before we lost too much money on it. But of course we have gone back to a basic model so now we have to get our extras put on. One we have got done so far is the Bullbar:

We can use our old Roof Rack - just got to get some more brackets :) In the next couple of weeks we will get our CB, Antenna & Brake Controllers fitted. We can also refit our Black Widow Drawers from the 100 Series - again just had to buy some more brackets - saves alot of expense :) They are sitting in our Annexe at the moment - rather crowded in there :(

We took the car for a bit of a run today out to Ora Banda:

We had a lovely lunch out there - not that we really needed any food today as we went out for dinner last night with our Friends Cheryl & Tony to a Restuarant called Salt:

Cheryl & Me

- WOW did we eat! The food was fabulous right down to the Dessert!

Dave about to tuck in!

Well that's our news for now,
Happy Travels Everyone,

Dave & Shell


  1. Hey Dave & Shell

    The new car looks pretty flash.....nearly as good as the Val (he he!!!!!!!)

    How are ya anyway?

    Cheers & beers

  2. Hi Guys,
    We are are good thanks :)
    Counting down to leave Kal - Not as close as your countdown :)
    Will send an e-mail soon,


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