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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Settling back into Kalgoorlie

Hi Everyone,
Well we have been back in Kal for about 6 weeks, so we are all settled in now!
Dave is working his very long hours again and I have got a job in a deli - which I love, great people to work with and only 5 hour shifts so I can still do all my chores at home :)

A Lot of people that we knew have left the park and we are on a different site but we still have some really good friends here so that is nice.
One of those friends - Steve took Dave to a car and motor bike show a few weeks back which they both enjoyed:



We drove to Mandurah last weekend to get our tax done - fun job! A real rush trip got there 9.30pm Friday Night and left at 9am Sunday, but we had a chance to see Bec and Teigan.
We went out for dinner with Teigan and Aaron - Bec had to work.

Dave scored pretty well for Father's Day, CD's and Scratchies!

Then this weekend we were blessed with 3 lots of visitors! We probably won't get any more for months :)
But it was great to see them all.
Firstly we had Mike & Kerry from the "Biz Wizards Adventures" Blog, So nice to finally put faces to the emails.
Then we had Rod and Mavis another Spinifex Caravan Owner - whom I had met Briefly at the Factory when picking up our van.
Lucky last was David's Brother Graeme, Partner Rachel and son Liam, so of course with that many people we just had to go out for a meal - which we did, we also invited our great friends from the C/Park Cheryl & Tony. It was a fantastic night and we all had a ball!

Tony, Dave & Rod

Rachel, Graeme & Liam

The whole gang!
Then this morning they all left! All heading back over East.

Rod and Mavis drove their van around to us to say goodbye. of course I couldn't resist getting a photo with the 2 Spinifex's together:

Maybe we will have a chance to catch up next year!
Dave and I have decided we will stay in Kal till atleast Mid March, but we will keep you posted on that.

So thats all our news for now,
Cheers and Happy Travels
Dave & Shell


  1. When you went to dinner with Teigan & Aaron was it at a Hogs Breath cafe? Sort of looks to be the case from the table design and background stuff. By coincidence we had lunch at the original Hogs Breath in Airlie Beach this week so the decore is fresh in my mind.
    Cheers FrankieG

  2. Hi Frankie G,
    Yes it was Hogs Breath Cafe - Good Pick up! We love their restuarants. Lucky you at Airlie Beach great part of the Country!
    Thanks for Following,
    Cheers & Happy Travels,


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