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Our American Travels
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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Our Year in Photo's 2011

Well Everyone,

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and didn't eat too much :)

Last years "Year In Photo's" was so popular that I thought we should make it a tradition! We had 159 Page Views!

As you know we have had a Wonderful year including 3 Months in America - But I will try to condense as much as I can - that won't be easy!

It took me 4 hours last year, so this year I am starting early and adding to it when I have time so that it will be ready on time :)


We moved from Kambalda to Kalgoorlie - Best move we ever made!
From This:

To This:

We put our Baby Q through its paces as well, Now that we finally had it set up and we could use it.


And Pizza!


We got a phonecall from some friends we made in Darwin that they had just moved down to Perth - well we just had to go and visit, we all had a great weekend!

Cheers, guys!
Me & Si

We all went to a Rum Distillery in the Swan Valley-It was no Bundy, but still good!

They brought a friend with them!


Another trip back to Perth, this time for the Caravan & Camping Show:

This photo is for the Retro's :)
We also had 1 of many Camp BBQ's in the C/Park:

The Management Team!

1/2 the crowd
The other half! It was a huge night!


This was a Big Month in the C/Park, we had a farewell for some neighbours:

Dave & I visited " The Mining Hall Of Fame" - which unfortunately is now closed:(

Then it was time for our farewell:

A Great Night!
Then a Girls from work night out "farewell"

Packed up and ready to go!
Last Drinks!
A few days in the Bush before heading back to Mandurah:

In Mandurah - waiting to go to America!

Ok the next 3 months were spent in America. So I will condense it right down and try to give you the hightlights - But there were so many! Just remember if you want to see the whole tour just visit the posts May through to July. Here goes:


San Diego Zoo:

Anaheim - Disneyland:

Las Vegas:

Helicopter ride from Vegas to the Grand Canyon:

Hoover Dam

The Grand Canyon

Standing near the base of the Canyon!

Then our Road Trip started, First driving to the Grand Canyon via the Hoover Dam:

Then to the West Rim:

 Then the South Rim:

Then as our road trip continued towards Denver we had our first of many encounters with snow in Mesa Verde National Park Cortez- it was wonderful:

We reached Denver and caught up with our friends Jas and Jo and their georgeuos kids Jacob & Isabelle we had a great time with them and returned to Denver 4 times over our 3 months.
Our first trip with them was to Elitch Park - Dave says it was the best theme park he had ever been to, all rides! He made Jas go on every one of them with him!


More outings with Jas & Jo:

A Colorado Rockies Baseball Game - they didn't win!

A trip to Blackhawke - A small casino town in the Mountains:


 Our big highlight this month was Yellowstone National Park:

Then Wyoming & South Dakota

Prairie Dogs
Devils Tower

Artic wolves




Mt Rushmore

Crazy Horse Memorial

We also drove up through the Rocky Mountains in Colorado - Wow just amazing!

We drove to Aspen with Jas, Jo and kids and Jas's Parents:

 Then back to Denver for some fun with the kids!

Then off driving again through Missouri where we found that fabulous Country & Western store with all the stuffed animals:

 This month we also flew to New York to join a Coach Tour - first stop Niagara Falls Canada:

 Then Philadelphia:


 Back to New York:


Then we flew back to Denver just in time for Independence Day!

The Fireworks

and all the food!
Then off again for our final big road trip:

Memphis & Nashville - were we became very fond of Country Music.

Then onto Cartersville Georgia for a Rodeo:

And of course Texas:

Now that was as much as I could condense those 3 months, but it would be very remiss of me to not show photo's of Dave with his renewed interest in guns. So checkout this lot:

 With guns so readily available
it is probably lucky we don't live over there :)


Well as you can imagine it was pretty hard settling into life in Kalgoorlie after that! But we did have to build up the bank account again - there was alot of shopping over there!

So we set up the van, Dave went back to work and I got a job in a Deli.

Dave went to a car & motorbike show:


This month was full of visitors, most of them arrived on the same weekend! But hey the more the merrier!

Great excuse to go out!
Even our van got a visitor :)

 Also our Daughter Bec came to visit:

 and we brought a New Car:


This month we set up the car for travelling:


A weekend in Mandurah

Dinner out
 and Dave took the girls shooting!

I Took them to lunch!


We had a Pizza Party with our neighbours - Cheryl & Tony

We brought a new "Holiday Home" - but we haven't had a chance to use it yet :(

A 30 Second Tent - yes it does go up in 30 Seconds!


Wow I finally got here after 3 DAYS!!!

This month was kaos - but i'm sure it was for everyone! We hope everyone had a great time with family and friends. We did, our trip to Esperance was good - a bit on the cool side and very windy! But hey that's Esperance!

Too cold for swimming!

 Now we are in Mandurah catching up with the girls - weather is much warmer! I love it but everyone else is complaining!

Thankyou, to everyone who has followed our blog and made comments. It is a great way to keep track of what you have been up too.

We hope you all have a wonderful New Year - maybe we will get to catch up with a few of you next year!

Cheers & Merry Christmas,
Dave & Shell


  1. What a huge job it is to do all those photos. I know when I post 20 or more photos, the time needed to review, crop, re-size, name and insert into the blog keeps me up until late at night. Sometimes as late as 11pm!!!LOL.
    Thanks for your posts during the year. I look forward to reading and seeing your photos in 2012. Cheers and have a Bundy with me.

  2. Hi Frankie,
    Thanks for following our blog, glad you enjoyed our year. Yes putting in the photo's is extremely frustrating - that's why it took me 3 days! But it is all worth it in the end to be able to look back at a glance at what we have been up too :)
    Happy New Year to you and safe travels,
    Cheers Shell


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