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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Australia Day Celebrations!

Australia's national ensing

We hope Everyone had a great Australia Day.
It was quite a warm one here in Kalgoorlie, around 38-39 Degrees!
Dave had to work so I had a lovely day with some of our neighbours in the Park.

It started off with a lovely breakfast put on by the staff at Discovery Holiday Park in Kalgoorlie.

The staff cooked a great breakfast.
It was a pretty good turn out as well:

Cheryl, Tony & Me!

Cheryl's Brother Wayne & his wife Cheryl

We all had a good feed and then I was surprised to learn that I had one best  "Aussie Dress Up" which was a $100 Discovery Gift certificate - pretty good I thougtht!

After that it was back home for a few hours before we met up again for a lovely BBQ lunch at Cheryl & Tonys:

A great Aussie day spent with good friends!

Dave & Shell


  1. Hey Shell

    Good to see ya again, and you had a great Australia Day with a lot of friends.

    What did we do, just stayed inside to get out of the rain. Over It!!!!

    Cheers & beers

    1. Hi Paul,
      Thanks for the comment - good to see you have access again.
      14 weeks till we leave to head to Qld (Bundy Country)- so do you think you can turn the rain off by then :)

      Cheers Shell

  2. Hi Shell

    14 weeks aye, bet you are excited about that. We may even cross paths some where.

    As far as the rain.....no comment, as it seems, we take it (the rain) with us every where we go. However in saying that, NQ at the moment and inland Qld is all under water.

    However no doubt when you venture this way, the out back will be dry.

    Keep in touch

    Cheers and bundys

    Paul & Wendy

    1. Hi Paul,
      I have sent you an e-mail :)



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