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Our American Travels
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Sunday, February 5, 2012


Hi Everyone,

We have had a couple of hectic weekends - but not really complaining :)

Last weekend we noticed there was another Spinifex Caravan in the park - so we had to go over & say hi!

Well what a lovely couple Rob & Marg turned out to be, we ended up spending most of the weekend with them.

Not to mention quite a few drinks :)

We were sorry to see them go, but we will meet up again.

Then this weekend it was another quick trip to Perth to catch up with our Girls.
First we caught up with Teigan in Perth:

We had a lovely morning with her checking out the Travel Expo in Perth - yes dreaming about another American Trip! Then we had lunch together before it was time to head down to Mandurah to visit Bec & her partner Shaun:

Now it's time to share some news with our Blog Followers - Bec & Shaun are expecting a baby in July! Our first Grandchild :) We are very excited for them both.
Unfortunately we won't be here for the birth as we had made plans to be in Qld then :(
We leave Kalgoorlie in 13 weeks - yes we are counting! Will update news on that a bit closer to leaving.

We have so much to organise before we leave, just scary thinking about it!
Well thats all for now,
Happy travels to all!
Dave & Shell

1 comment:

  1. Ahhhh Shell, just luv foties with sensational good looking women in them.

    Rob & Marg, just by the photos, seem to be great fun.

    Now you and Dave being the social little butterflys you are, I would not expect any thing different from you guys. Yaaaaa!!!!

    Keep up the good work.

    We may be on the road by weeks end.

    Did you get my reply email?



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