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Monday, April 16, 2012

Trip to Mandurah - April 2012

Doddi's Beach Halls Head

Hi Everyone,

It has been a very full on week here in Mandurah. I have caught up with the girls & had a major shopping spree with Bec (baby stuff)!
I have made curtains for the baby's nursery as well as a full set of curtains for the caravan! Didn't like the other ones much.

Curtains for the van & new cushions

Nursery Curtains

Teigz & Aaron invited me around for a lovely dinner of Lamb Shanks which they cooked to perfection.

adding the finishing touches!

I wasn't the only house guest that night - Aaron is looking after his mates pet snake:

can you tell I'm not that comfortable!

unlike these two!

Then on Saturday it was a full day of baking with Bec & Teigz for the baby shower, that was fun:


Then on Sunday it was the "big day" Bec's Baby Shower, it couldn't have been a better day the weather was perfect & we had it at a park on the beach:

Emily & Bec

Me & Bec

Good friends good times

Bec also got some fabulous prezzies!

Our Family heirloom 25year old Christening Gown!

Then the Party Games: Guess the size of Bec's Belly:

I was quite a bit out!

Then Sculling from Sippy Cups - Apple Juice!!!


Surprisingly our 2 girls made the finals!!


a totally successful day!
Well its Monday & my last night in Mandurah so I took the girls out for dinner to our Favourite restaurant Hogs Breath.
Then it was off for Hot Chocolate at the Dome:

Well that's it My very full week in Mandurah, back to Kal tomorrow - bloody long drive!

Cheers & Happy Travels Shell


  1. Hi Michelle

    very nice photos of you and girls.
    love kaye & Sue

  2. Thanks Kaye & Sue,
    It was really good to catch up with them. I wont see them now for about 4 months!

    Cheers Shellxx


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