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Our American Travels
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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Back In Oz

Hi Ya'll we're back!

We arrived back in Brisbane rather exhauted after our 14 hour flight, checked into our Motel, then Dave went & got our car out of storage. We slept most of the afternoon :)

The next day we took a drive up to Maryborough to give the car a good run after three months of just sitting in storage.

On Thursday it was time to pick up our Van, we left it at the Spinifex Factory to get a few Mods done:
Leather Lounge, 2 more internal lights fitted, 2 fans, steps either side of the bed etc.

We drove to Lawnton Showgrounds to spend a few days -  great spot, handy to everything!
My Sister Kaye & her partner Sue came up & spent a night there too.
We had a really good time, enjoyed a great roast Lamb dinner on the Baby Q - didn't have that in America! Also enjoyed quite a few Bundy's!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kaye & Sue - just chillin!

Dave showing Kaye his knife collection - Gotta love America!
It was a great weekend & a good welcome Back!
Thanks Kaye & Sue xx
Cheers all,
Dave & Shell


  1. Yaaaaaaa!!!!!! back in the land of milk and honey.

    Which way are you heading now?.

    We are in Cairns at our sons place for a couple of weeks, also to do work on the van and car.

    Then we will head south.

    Drop us line and let us know what's do'n.

    Cheers and bundies

    P & W

    1. HI Paul & Wendy,
      Dave flys to work tomorrow & I will stay here until he flys back on the 11th then we should be headiing off to Adelaide - that's the plan so far - but as you know plans can change :)
      Cheers Dave & Shell - with Bundies - Yeh!!!!!!:)

  2. Hi Guys, Another trip over and back to PARADISE ! The Knife Collection interests me, Ive tried ordering in from USA but they didn't make it through customs.

    Were up at Burnett Heads, moving on to Rocky / Mackay etc on Monday.

  3. Hi Mick thanks for the comment.
    Dave did declare all knives - only questioned asked was were they "Flick Knives", they seemed more interested in what food we were bringing in?
    Enjoy your trip & safe travels
    Dave & Shell

  4. Those were really an awesome and amazing trip from what I have seen in here.

  5. Thankyou we loved it
    Cheers Shell


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