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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Brisbane To Adelaide

Big 4 Aspley

Well I enjoyed my 2 weeks in Brisbane while Dave was at work.
The weather was beautiful, sunny & warm.
I had time to sort out everything & get reacquainted with our home after a 3 month break.
We love the Reno's that we had done while we were away:

Very handy
12 Volt Fans

We had our lounge redone in leather - easier to keep clean!

Step beside the bed & foot locker

Double length on my side - more shoes!

We also had 2 more lights fitted inside - can never have too many lights!
We also got LED globes put in our outside lights.

When Dave flew back we had 4 days to get to Adelaide, it was very rushed as Dave had to fly back to work on the 5th day. But we still enjoyed being on the road again.
We pretty much followed the same way we did 2 years ago when we picked up our van - mainly because because of the time restraints & we knew where we could stop.

So off we headed through Kilcoy & then hit roadworks soon after:

We made a pit stop in Moonie - the Roadhouse house had a sign that said they had "great toilets"
This is the sign they had inside:

Fair enough!

We continued on & our first night was Free Camping at Wallam Creek Bollon Qld.
It was much warmer then the last time we were there - probably because that was in July (Winter)

Dave enjoying  well earn't Bundy!

The camp is right beside the river & these birds were enjoying it

& we watched a beautiful sunset in the bush:

We headed off first thing the next morning another beautiful day, & we were amazed how many Emu's & goats we seen there would have been hundreds!

The road was pretty ordinary in places too, lucky we didn't get sea sick with all the waves :)

Our second night Free Camp was the other side of Cobar NSW.

A lot colder here - no outside drinkies!
Off again early next morning, heading to Broken Hill - we booked the C/Park here as we were going to catch up with David's parents but they couldn't make the drive up from Wodonga.

The roads were a bit better on this stretch of our trip;

Topping up the fuel from the jerry cans as we didn't want to stop in Wilcania!

We made good time & got to Broken Hill around lunchtime, our first stop was the supermarket as we had to dump all our fruit & veg just before Broken Hill. Very strange as it is still NSW, but runs on SA Time!

Pretty packed in Top Tourist Broken Hill

Off again the next day & lucky we didn't buy too much fruit - another Quarantine just outside Peterborough SA, this time manned & they go through your fridge!
We made it to Adelaide after lunch, to Windsor Gardens C/Park. Dave has flown back to work & I have decided that we will change parks next week when he gets back - far too many dogs here! I have never seen so many dogs in one C/Park.
Already missing Brisbane's weather - it is bloody cold here but hopefully it will warm up soon :)

Cheers & Happy Travels Everyone,

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  1. Are you in Adelaide still?

    We will be there on the weekend, staying at Daughters for a few weeks.


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