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Friday, June 10, 2011

Rocky Mountain National Park - Colorado

Hi Everyone,

Today we drove through Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. We wanted to do this when we left Denver a couple of weeks ago but the road that we wanted to go on was still closed from winter due to late snow fall, so we decided to head off to yellowstone and do the loop backwards. Which worked out very well as the road only opened 3 days ago!
Last night we stayed in Estes Park which is on the east side of the park, it was a beautiful day and we had a really good run from Cheyenne in Wyoming. But the weather changed about 7pm and clouded over very quickly, there were "severe weather warnings" on the radio and TV. Luckily we didn't get it too bad just rain and a bit of hail.
This morning when we got up it had all cleared for our drive through the park. The road we went on is called Trail Ridge Road and it is approx. 40 miles in length and winds throught the top of the park and finishes at Grand Lake. It climbs to an elevation of 12,183ft and the views are amazing!





As we climbed the snow got thicker and the scenery more beautiful, it was quite cold too as you can tell by our clothes!






The visitor centre was just past the peak of the moutain but as you can see still plenty of snow.



We continued onto Grand Lake where we are spending the night. Here is our motel - checkout the room!



Pretty good isn't it, very country! Checkout the stuffed animals in the foyer:




Pretty impressive isn't it!
Tomorrow we head back to Denver to spend some more time with Jas, Jo and Kids. They also have Jas's Parents visiting from Australia, so we will stay in a motel this time.

Well that's all for now,
Dave and Shell


  1. That's one huge wall of snow you parked against.

    I bet you were feeling a bit nervous as you walked back to take the picture.

  2. Hi Stephen,
    We are not that game, we were sitting in our car across the road taking that photo. Yes a hell of a a lot of snow. Thats why the road opened 2 weeks later than normal. We were lucky to be able to go on it!

  3. Very cool some of those views were amazing :) Glad to see your having a good time!! Love you xx
    Bec Xx
    & Shaun

  4. that room is impressive alot of work went into that. did you hear animal noises as you slept cause of all the stuffed animals haha love you
    love shantelle x x


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