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Our American Travels
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Monday, July 25, 2011

It's all Over! But WOW what a time we had!

Hi Everyone,

As we were leaving Texas we spotted these Statues for sale on a property:

We didn't see any Longhorn Cattle that we could take a photo of in our 3 days so this is it folks! I know not very impressive!
The region was still extremely dry as we headed towards New Mexico:

But Boy did it change when we got to Colorado, there was grass:

And a storm brewing around us:

By the time we reached Colorado Springs it was pouring rain:

It's a damn shame Texas couldn't get some of this!

It only lasted about 10 minutes then all cleared up:

We arrived in Denver around 2pm and immediately started sorting our luggage - Boy, we certainly did our bit to help the American economy! We have ended up with 4 large suitcases, 2 small ones and 2 backpacks!
We were rather exhausted after that and retired for an early night!

On Saturday Dave wanted to go to a gun range and have a shoot. So I looked it up on the Internet and there was one in Denver - Silver Bullet:

But there was one MAJOR catch! They don't hire guns to individuals, So I had to go with him!
I was amazed how easy it was to go and hire a gun and shoot at a range. We walked in the door and the guy greeted us with :  So you want to have a shoot! All we had to do was read a safety manual and liability form.
We gave him our licenses and he handed over the guns! Then he asked me if I had ever used a gun - of course that was a big No. Then he proceeded to teach me how to load it and use it.
He walked us into the range and showed us what to do. We wore safety glasses and ear muffs.
Dave had a 44 Magnum revolver - Go ahead Make my Day!
and I had a semi automatic 22:

Dave had 25 bullets and I had 100! I only used about 10! But my first shot was a head shot! Dave said I was probably imagining it was him for making me do this! Maybe he was right! Of course Dave used my gun to shoot the rest of my bullets - no point wasting it :)

The noise that Dave's gun made when he shot it was like a bomb going off! He had a great time but I was glad when it was over!

After that we went out of Denver about 1/2 an hour up to Buffalo Bills grave:

There was a lookout up there too and you could see right over Denver:

There was also a great view of the Beautiful Rocky Mountain's:

And there is still snow up there! It was 90F were we were!

There were ever some Parachutest up there:

After this we decided to have one last look at an Outdoor World shop. There is only 1 in Denver and its the biggest we have seen, it had all the displays:

The stuffed Animals:


I don't think I have mentioned before but they have the most amazing collection of Camouflage items you have ever seen!

They even had Ladies Lingerie - but I didn't think I should take a photo of that :)

We took our final drive through Denver:

It was a wonderful end to our Fantastic 3 month holiday.

Today we flew to LA and tomorrow we fly back to Australia - We are a bit sad that it has all come to an end. But this is something that we will never forget - the trip of a lifetime!

Cheers Everyone and thankyou for following this trip with us. I will do a sumary in a couple of weeks - when we settle back into normal life.

Dave & Shell


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  2. Haha! You don't have to go to Texas to see Texas Longhorns!! Last year, we saw some up past Cooktown, QLD at Endeavour Falls!!

    SO enjoyed following your trip!! Safe journey back home.

  3. Well i'm glad to see the comments are working again.
    Hi Suriya thanks for following. Glad you like it.
    Hi Red,
    We saw Longhorn at the Rodeo in Georgia - but we wanted to see them in Texas :(

  4. So now I need your advice on planning our trip. WE leave in 4 weeks so I've got tons of questions. Maybe do via email if that's ok??

  5. What a trip, you seem to have done so much! You will need to get back to Oz and head bush for a while just to relax & stop the head's spinning.

  6. So true Mick,
    But the closest we are getting to the bush is back to Kalgoorlie :( We have to pay off those credit cards!
    Cheers Shell


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