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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas in Esperance 2010

Hi Everyone and we hope you all had a lovely Christmas.

Well ours wasn't as expected - rather cold and windy in Esperance!

We arrived in Esperance about 6.30pm Christmas Eve and checked into our Motel - Best Western Hospitality Inn, right on the Esplanade. Then we unpacked and headed to the Pub next door for dinner. The Pier Hotel has very nice oven baked Pizza's!

We did have a lovely and relaxing Christmas Day. Firstly we opened our presents from the girls, we got some great  DVDs and some card games as well as lots of scratchies and lotto tickets :)  Then we went for breakfast in the Motel restaurant, then back to our room to relax for a few hours and of course check our scratchies - not much luck there only $11.

At 12 we headed over to the Restaurant again for our Christmas lunch. It is only a small restaurant but it was fully booked with about 20 people comprising of about 9 tables. It was a very good atmosphere, we got a great table right next to the window over looking the Port.
The staff were very friendly, we had a 3 course meal, Champagne, chocolates, raffle prizes and we drank a fair bit of our favourite drink - Bundy! So much so that they ran out and had to go buy some more for us! Now that's a first!

It finished up about 2.30 and we headed back to our room for a much needed Nanna Nap - (Power Nap)!

We decided to go for a walk about 5pm, we soon realised that the weather had changed dramatically, the clouds were very dark and the wind was strong, we only walked over to the beach and decided to come back. Soon after it started to sprinkle rain.

I cooked us some toasted ham sandwiches for tea - we certainly didn't need a big meal!
We spent the night just watching TV.

This morning we woke up hoping to go fishing - but it was very windy and cold. A bit disappointing, so we went for a drive and walked out on the jetty - extremely cold!
There were a few people fishing and we seen this huge seal - which apparently is a regular there.

Sammy the Seal at Esperance Jetty
People were feeding him prawns and judging by the size of him I would say he gets fed a lot.

The wind blowing across the Jetty was very strong.

Very Cold!

Deserted Beaches!

We then went for a drive along the coast - at least it was warm in the car!
We drove down to Nine Mile Beach were there were a couple of people fishing, they were catching fish too. But it was far too cold for me and they were getting very wet with the waves - which would have to make them colder.

Tomorrow we head back to Kambalda to pack up the van. I am really looking forward to that, 3 months in Kambalda has certainly been trying. We are off to Kalgoorlie!

Well until our next post Happy New Year to everybody.

 Bye Dave & Shell


  1. Hey Dave & Shell

    Seems you had a great Xmas day, and that motel seems to provide good service.

    The pikkie of you Shell definately tells us it was cooooooold. Not going there if its that cold. Blimey!!! andything below 30 degrees and we go into melt down.

    Safe travels to Kalgoorlie and look forward to your next post.

    Safe travels

    Cheers & beers


  2. Something tells me Kalgoorlie is going to be a bit different to Esperance ... will be interested to see if I'm right!!

    Happy travels!!

  3. Hi Dave and Shell,
    Looks like a familiar place, complete with wind.... Anyway, Merry Christmas and hope the weather improves here also...!!

    And, I love your van and have been seriously looking at Spinifex, got a quote and still reeling....!!!


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