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Monday, December 6, 2010

Our Weekend in Kalgoorlie

Hi All,

Well we have just had a very busy weekend in Kalgoorlie!

Firstly, we went to the Super Pit Lookout and watched a Blast! Very good to see!

                                                 As you can see we had a very good view.

That in itself was a great experience, but the day was still young. It was then down to Hannan St to watch the Christmas Parade. In Kalgoorlie nothing is small as you can see by the photo's:

               We had a very good vantage spot on the Balcony of a Pub! Bundy in hand of course :)

As you can see, I think all of Kalgoorlie was there! It was a fantastic parade. All the kids had a ball.

But our day wasnt over - It was then on to a tour of a Brothel! Sorry guys no photo's allowed in there!
That was very interesting, everything you ever wanted to know and too afraid to ask :)

Then we went off to have a lovely dinner at De Benales. a great end to a perfect day.


1 comment:

  1. Hey Shell & Dave

    That Kalgoorlie visit seemed like a real blast. And those retro cars....bring it on!!!! Have to show the Val there next time.

    A tour of a brothel....now that has to be a great topic at show and tell. (he he!!!)

    CYA and happy travels

    The Retro Roamers


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