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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Pre - Christmas Trip to Mandurah 2010

Hi Everyone, Merry Christmas to All.

We just got back from a quick trip to Mandurah to catch up with Bec and Teigan and get a few things done to the car.
I drove there on Tuesday - 7 hour drive! Dave flew in on Friday afternoon.
I got stuck in peak hour traffic going through Perth! Mandurah wasn't much better - it has really grown over the years - too busy for us now!
There are so many Apartment blocks along the foreshore now, I remember when they had a 3 floor limit!

Progress I suppose!

I had left earlier than Dave to get all the jobs done as he was only there for the weekend.

Firstly I got the car serviced - 120,000km - that was expensive!
Then we got a solar panel put on the roof rack for our National Luna Car Fridge/Freezer - another expensive exercise!
Christmas it is the season to SPEND!

Dave caught up with Teigan and her boyfriend Aaron on Saturday afternoon. Afternoon tea at the Dome.
The weather was beautiful while we were there, lovely and warm.
Saturday night we went to Hogs Breathe for Dinner with Bec and her boyfriend Daniel. While waiting for them to arrive we ran into this fella!

And we hadn't even had a drink yet!
We had a lovely meal - as usual.  It was a really great night!

Bec and Daniel

Sunday we went Shopping at Rockingham City - Wow that is a big shopping centre now!

Then we headed off Monday morning, it had started raining over night and we went through some quite heavy showers on the way home. Then it stopped about Bulla Bulling - no rain in Kalgoorlie or Kambalda.

But we had a few showers last night in Kambalda and it is windy and cold here today! Hard to believe it's December - What is happening to our weather?

We head off to Esperance on Friday for our Christmas break - can't wait, it will be a nice relaxing time.

We come back here on Monday - BIG NEWS, then we are packing up and moving the van to Kalgoorlie!
I have definitely had enough of Kambalda.
We will be living at the Discovery Park in Burt St Boulder - so if any Vannies are heading that way we will be there until April so drop in and say hello.

Well that's it for now,
We hope you all have a Wonderful Christmas and a Safe and Happy New Year.

Love Dave and Shell xx

1 comment:

  1. Hey Dave and Shell

    Interesting your comments in the growth of various towns in WA. Been away from Mackay NQ for 16 years. Don't want to play here anymore, to big and busy.

    Six weeks and then its time to "head west young man" well that's the plan.

    Enjoy your postings, and all the best for Chrissy and happy and safe travels.

    Look forward to your next posting.

    Cheers & beers



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