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Our American Travels
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Monday, May 2, 2011

Leaving Tomorrow!

Hi All,

Well the time is finally here, we are leaving for America tomorrow. We have had a very hectic few days in Mandurah with last minute preparations. But I think we managed to do everything we wanted to. We caught up with our daughter's Bec and Teigz a few times. First at Murphy's for Dinner on Friday night:

Bec & Ben

Teigz and Aaron

Add caption
Then at M on the Point for a Sunday session!

We all had a very good night but Dave and I are a bit slow today.
We dropped of the van and car in storage and are now in Perth at a motel waiting for our flight tomorrow.
The view from our room Looking towards the city

This gorgeous critter was sitting on the balcony outside the restaurant - Apparently a regular visitor!

Well that's all folks, hopefully I will be able to update our Blog while we are travelling, so for now goodbye and Happy Travels to all.

Dave and Shell

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  1. Good luck you guys, don't forget to write!!We arrive in Broome tomorrow, so we will be having a good time as well.


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