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Our American Travels
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Sunday, May 8, 2011

San Diego Zoo

Hi Again,

We arrived in San Diego yesterday, the weather has got a fair bit cooler and very overcast. We checked into our Motel and went for a walk to the nearest shopping centre - about 7 blocks!
Didn't buy anything just had a look around and had some lunch. Dave and I are not liking the food over here too much, everything is deep fried, fatty and covered in cheese or dressing! I thought I would be safe with Caesar Salad - very different to ours! No bacon or egg, just lettuce, croutons and heaps & heaps of parmesan cheese & dressing. But I am sure we will get by - I think a major diet might be in order when we get back :(

Today we were off to the world famous San Diego Zoo. It was another great day - a bit cool though, actually had to by a jumper at the zoo!
We started off with a bus tour around the entire zoo, which was very informative.
Then we went on our own tour walking around this massive zoo and we seen some magnificent animals. Here are a few:

The Flamingos were truly beautiful

Rhino's having a snooze

A 2 headed Snake!

Just chilling!

A Magnificent Silver Back - He was huge!
We even went on a Chair Lift across the top of the park and saw some beautiful buildings across San Diego

Don't know what they are, but they are beautiful.
We certainly had another jam packed day, some more photo's:

Tomorrow we catch another coach back to Anaheim for 4 days, we have a 3 day pass to Disneyland - Boy are we looking forward to that :)

Bye for now,
we are thinking of you all
Dave & Shell


  1. We went to the US in 1994 Shell. Agree with you about the food. You can see the results just by looking around. In Disneyland we saw one person pouring sugar into his Coke.

    Disneyland was a lot of fun for we babyboomers who grew up on the Mickey Mouse Club.

    If you are touring around after you get to your friends' house you should try to find a map of the US and put your travels on it like your Aussie map.

    cheers, have fun, I'm sure you are.

  2. Sounds good mum zoo looked great espesially 2 headed snake!!! p.s Happy Mothers Day for the other day!! xx
    Love bec


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