Our American Travels

Our American Travels
Our Journey Across America

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Our Amazing Holiday in America!

Hi Everyone,
Well this is meant to be a summary of our amazing American Adventures, But I don't think I can really summarise it that much as you all know we tried to fit in as much as we possibly could in our time there.

So we shall call it  a review :)

In short:

 Dave drove over 12,000 Miles ( 19,000kms) we went through 35 States and briefly crossed into Canada - for Niagara Falls. See Map above

We had 3 separate Hire Cars:

Ford Mercury
Dodge - Charger
Dodge Journey

  We are very glad that we asked many "Forums" before we left, which would be better - Motorhome Or Hire Car & Motels. By the way about 90% said Hire Car!  As America does not have RV Parks in every town like we do - they tend to be in out of the way places and are nothing like ours!

We were pretty happy with the way we pre-planned our first 2 weeks before we left, as this gave us enough time to get settled in before we had to make too many decisions - Where to go and what to do.

We really enjoyed our self driving tours where we could stop wherever we wanted. But having said that we are also very glad we did the coach tour of New York, Niagara Falls, Washington & Philadelphia. We would never have been able to fit these in and Driving in New York is Suicidal!

We have seen some amazing and very different things on our trip, I have put some of them into categories,

Say no More!
This was in New York - I'm sure they don't enforce it!

Billboard - being towed around Vegas!



These signs were just about Everywhere!

Road signs for Truckers:

Signs that made very good sense:

Very Good advice!
I wouldn't want him to Cross!
 We definitely don't see these 2 in Australia!:


and this I don't want to see in Australia:
They can keep their Gizzards & Liver

 Traffic is certainly different as well - I didn't drive ( Dave did an excellent Job!) but it was pretty full on in some places.

Glad we don't see too much of this here!

We did like that the fact that all highways are Dual Lane - unless you take the back roads of course.

Although a Four Way Stop sign intersection works over there I'm pretty sure it wouldn't work here!

We were amazed how many Semi's (Trucks) there were everywhere!

Their Semi's have massive sleepers:


 It was very rare to see 3 trailers:

I am also glad we don't have these Traffic Lights: Just swinging in the breeze!


Now I have mentioned before, they love their "Trucks" - 4wd's to us! Only much bigger!


Checkout this for a "work ute":

OK - it's a truck :)

We also saw a wide variety of Police Vechicles:



We saw many many Limo's while there but these 2 REALLY stood out:



I think you can see why!

Something else you don't see in Australia - Except for Darwin!

RV's were everywhere - But much bigger than ours.


Quad Bike in the back!
Massive 5th Wheelers!

And as we liked to call them - Road Trains! Totally illegal in Australia.

How could we forget this one!

F650 Truck!

Ok I have been doing this post for 3 full days now so it's time to wind it up!

Here are some movie stars that we met - Ok As close as we got to any Movies Stars!



Unusual things we seen on our travels:

Ready Set Go!
When Moving don't forget your Antlers!

Never seen a Motor Bike towed like this!

Heard about the horse - there's a Town too!
 Our only dislikes of our whole trip where - the food! Way too much!


And no BUNDY! But as you can see we made do!


& Wine!
We can't forget all the Guns:



 Dave was in his glory!

Well that's it. All we can say it we had the time of our life and would go back in a second!
The people we wonderful, the country Magnificent and there is still so much we didn't get to see. Maybe next time :)

We can thoroughly recommend it to everyone.
We hope you all enjoyed reading about it as much as we enjoyed "living it".

Dave and Shell

P.S. I don't know what the next post will be about - Kalgoorlie is rather boring in comparison :)


  1. Excellent summary - what excellent memories you have with all the photo's.

    Where to next? Europe? :-)

  2. Hi Mick,
    thanks for the comment. yes we have some wonderful memories an photo's. No sure about Europe, but would love to go back to the U.S.



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