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Our American Travels
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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Orlando Florida

Hi Everyone,
Well we left Miami & headed off to Orlando, we had quite a bit of traffic to contend with:

Peak hour in Miami!
 The weather wasn't that great either, misty rain. It took about 4 1/2 hours to drive to Orlando & we got to our Motel about 12.30.

Our Motel - Caribe Royale

It has the most beautiful Pool area that we have seen:

View from the 6th Floor
 Not that we have had a chance to use it yet as we forgot to pack some bathers!!!!!!!
So of course we had to go shopping & we hit the outlet Mall :) My kind of shopping - But while we were there it starting raining - ok for shopping but not swimming!

By the time we got back to the Motel it was time to get ready for dinner as we had booked a Dinner Show at the Arabian Nights.
The meal was wonderful - the show was ok!

Good Stunts

Very colourful

Add caption

Happy Couple!

We were quite exhausted by the time we got home at 11pm!
But another early morning today as we were off to Universal Studios:

It started to rain so Dave had to get his rides out of the way first up - He is a bit of a Adrenalin junkie!!!!!!! Not Me, happy to watch!

The Hollywood Rip Ride Rocket!

As it turned out there is only 2 roller coasters at Universal Studios - much to Dave's disappointment!
A few more photos:
Dave & Jaws

The Train from Back to the future

The Delorian - Yes it is a lovely Poncho!

Dave's got a poncho too!

Hot Rod!

      The rain was just not letting up we we decided to call it a day!
What else to do but - go shopping!

We called into 1 of our favourite stores in America - Pro Bass Outdoor World - they are fabulous.
For those of you that didn't follow our trip last year - that are a chain of stores that carry everything you could possibly need for: Hunting, Fishing, Camping, Boating - Whatever, & they are fitted out with the most amazing stuffed animals here are just a few:



Wild Boar


Bear & Mountain Lion
Americans also have a fascination with "Camouflage" as you can see by these photo's - there was even more stuff this year than last:
For the Car

Steering Wheel Covers

Floor Mats

The Bedroom! Bedspread!

The Lounge!!!!!!!!!!

The Kitchen - Vacuum Sealer!

Lunch Box

For Camping

& Of course the clothes

Lots & Lots

Of Clothes

We cant forget the Ladies!!!!!!!!!!

Dave got to have a shot at the shooting range - every store should have one don't you think?

Boys & their Toys!
Well it was a fun afternoon, we didn't actually but anything there - other than an umbrella!

Now we are back at the Motel - it is still raining!
So maybe we will have to miss out on Disneyland tomorrow - themes parks are no fun in the rain!
Will keep you posted,
Dave & Shell


  1. Did you check if the Delorean had its Flux Capacitor fitted?

    1. yes Steven, Dave was right on to that! :)


  2. YeeeeHaaaaa!

    I think I will call you guys the Travelling Wilburys.

    Have a great time in the U. S. of A

    Watch out for those imported Bundies.

    Fine and sunny here in Darwin. Dammmmmmm! we forget our bathers too (he he!!!!!)


  3. The Imported Bundy's are doing fine - But 4 Margarita's by the pool,Whoa!
    That knocks you about a bit!


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