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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Travelling From Denver to Yellowstone National Park

Hello From Yellowstone,

We had a late start leaving Denver about 9.30am, but as it was Saturday we didn't have to contend with peak hour traffic.
The traffic was pretty good
Leaving Denver

We had a pretty good run & had quite a bit to look at. Some of the unusual sites:
A Tractor Run?

A Wind Farm

President Lincoln
We also had some beautiful scenery to look at:
The landscape kept changing all the time

We arrived at Riverton about 4pm. So we just hung out in the Motel until tea time, there was a Burger King right next to the Motel so we had dinner there, but we decided not to have dessert after seeing this:

I love Bacon & Ice Cream - But definitely not together! Only in America!
The next morning we headed off about 7 towards Yellowstone.
We had some more great scenery:

We were getting higher up in the Mountains & we could see some snow in the distance. Nothing like it was last year though, they didn't have much of a winter here this year:

But it is still beautiful!
Then we run into some roadworks, but as it was Sunday & Father's Day no-one was working. But if you were going to be stuck in roadworks - I don't think you would mind here - checkout the view!

We were entering Yellowstone from the South this time so we went through Grand Teton National Park:

All these people were trying to see a bear.

this looked so tranquil.
 We actually seen 2 bears before we got to Yellowstone - a mother Black Bear & her cub but we couldn't get a photo - buggar!
We had to drive through the park to get to the west side where our Motel was - but I will save animal photo's for Yellowstone post!

Cheers for now,
Dave & Shell

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