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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Our 3 Days in Yellowstone National Park

Well we have had a wonderful time in Yellowstone. However the weather has been extremely cold we even had 60 mile hour winds! But we got to see so many animals in our time here, so that makes up for it.
The Temperature ranged from 0 - 18 Degrees Celsius each day!
But it is still warmer than it was last year when we were here - It Snowed then! There were still a few pockets of snow around the park:

It is hard to believe it is the Summer holidays over here! But you can certainly tell by the number of people here it is packed - all the camping grounds have "FULL" signs on them! Boy you should see how many Motorhomes, Caravans & 5th Wheelers are up here!


5th Wheelers


Massive 5th Wheeler

Carpark at Old Faithful

Check this Rig Out!!

The scenery in the Park changed all the time, it is an amazing place. There has also been some devastating fires as well, leaving the landscape rather baron in places:

But a mile or so later its all green:

There are rivers and lakes all through the Park:

Yellowstone lake is Massive
There are waterfalls as well:

Yellowstone even has it's own "Grand Canyon":

Pretty impressive hey?
Thermal Pools - Very Smelly!

Old Faithful - Hot Spring Geyser

Now I think i have covered everything except the Animals, so I will start little & work my way up.
Bird life:

Small Animals:              



Bears - Yes we actually seen some this year:

Then of course the Biggest - Buffalo/Bison, they just roam around wherever they want & you get out of their way! They also had lots of calves with them - very cute!

Not So Cute!!!!!!!!!
Well that's our 3 days in Yellowstone, but l am going to add a few more of my favourite scenic shots!

Love the snow

& Wide open spaces
We are making our way to Yosemite National Park in California now, it will take a few days to get there.
So bye for now,
Dave & Shell


  1. Hey Dave & Shell, another great post. You will have to drink more Bundies to keep warm.

    I like the idea of Dave taking the interest in birds. Wow I thought............look forward to those photos. Bugger not the feathered kind (he he!!!!!!)

    Have a great time

    Cheers & red wines.

    Paul & Wendy

  2. Hi Paul & Wendy,
    Thanks for the comment, yes the Bundy is running low! We are in a warmer climate now, we may have to switch to Margarita's when we run out :)



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