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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

South Lake Tahoe through Yosemite to Oakhurst

We left Lake Tahoe for our big drive up to Yosemite, we passed through some beautiful scenery as we climbed & climbed:

We passed Mono Lake at Lee Vining - it was massive but the sky was so hazey the photo's didn't do it any justice:

Mono Lake

We crossed the Tioga Pass to enter Yosemite which is around 8000ft above sea level - the Captiva struggled a bit:

It was about 11 miles long then we entered Yosemite at 9950 Feet!

Entering Yellowstone

Unfortunately we didn't see any Animals as we passed through Yosemite, Just hundreds of tourists!!!!!
But we did see some nice scenery:

We couldn't believe that we didn't see anything but Squirrels crossing the road, after all the animals we seen at Yellowstone!
But I suppose it just depends on the day - after all they are wild animals!
We stayed at Oakhurst, which is on the other side of the park, we had booked 2 nights but really didn't feel like tackling all those tourists again the next day so we just had a rest day & caught up with the washing.
Oakhurst however had some beautiful wood carvings outside shops & restaurants:

check out this magnificent statue:


Just to show you how big it was!!

The next morning we headed of to Three Rivers through some beautiful forrests, but I will save that for the next post!
Bye for now,
Dave & Shell


  1. Hi Shell & Dave

    Remember us from Lawnton showgrounds? (Kedron from Karratha WA).

    We are still on the road in Darwin now, have just had a break in travel with internet access to catch up on where you are. We love you amazing photos so totally different to the countryside we have been experiencing!

    Safe and happy travels

    Sue & Ian

  2. Hi Sue & Ian,
    Thanks for following :)
    Yes the countryside is vastly different - not too bears on the road in Australia!
    We just drove through Death Valley & boy that was really different!
    Safe travels Dave & Shell


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