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Our American Travels
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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Our week in Denver

Hi Everyone,
We spent our last night in Nashville at a Motel near the Airport, we were going a bit stir crazy in the room so decided to have a walk around the car park. We came across these great looking Harley's:

Very Nice
Apparently there was a  big Motorcycle ride the next day - these bikes where from Texas!

We flew out to Denver at 9am on Sunday Morning.
We picked up our new hire car - this time it is a Chevy Captiva V6, We will need more power for our mountain trips.

It was great to see Jo & the kids again. Jacob & Isabelle have grown so much in just a year.

Jacob is a very active little boy, he does Tae Kwon Do & plays baseball, Dave had a practice with him in the back yard:

Jacob seemed surprised that Dave could catch!

Not to be outdone Isabelle does ballet - at age 2!

What a Princess!

Jacob had never seen a Bass Pro shop before so we took him to have a look - he loved it!

Jacob loved the Buggy's

But his favourite & of course Dave's - was the shooting range:
Now who was having more fun?

Boys & their Toys!

 More Toys for the boys;

Never too old for lego!

We went to Jacob's First Official Baseball Game, He is the smallest player on his team but he makes up for it in enthusiasm:

Eyes on the ball all the time!

The Spectators

Isabelle even got involved 

Jacob wanted to take us to his favourite restaurant - Dave & Buster's. It is like a gaming centre for young & old.:
Dave & Jacob 

Jacob on a Harley

Isabelle & Jo Driving a Truck

We have really enjoyed our week in Denver with Jo & the kids, But we head off tomorrow towards Yellowstone National Park. There is going to be a huge difference in the weather - it has been in the mid to high 30's ( Celsius) here & it is averaging 16 in Yellowstone!
Well that's all for now,
Cheers, Dave & Shell

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