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Our American Travels
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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Part 2 Orlando Florida

Hi everyone, well firstly sorry for the delay - I have had some major issues with my blog not saving anything, but all sorted now - hopefully! So here goes:

Well the forecast was for thunderstorms so Dave headed off to Kennedy Space Centre while I stayed back to do the washing.

Space Shuttle - Hall Of Fame.
Of course the weather was fine - no thunderstorm, so after I finished the washing I headed down to the pool:

Very relaxing!

By the time Dave got back I was really relaxed - After 4 Margarita's :)
So of course I had to get him one too:

A lovely way to spend the Arvo!

Yes I did suffer from drinking in the sun - but what the hell, you only live once!

The next morning it was off to Disneyland, as we only had 1 day we chose Animal Kingdom as it had rides & animals:

The day started off pretty good, I even went on a ride with Dave!!!!!!!!
Then he went on a tame Rollercoaster:
Very Tame!

Then he wanted to go on this one

But he didnt't get that far as his cart got stuck here:

For 30 to 40 very long minutes in the 100 degree heat!!!!!!!!! I was beside myself on the ground. Nobody came to tell us anything. They just closed the ride & sent everyone away. 
Relatives we ringing to see where family members were - I couldn’t do that we only have 1 phone!
A lady beside me spoke to her husband, he was stuck in the tunnel - they got off first - so then I knew Dave was obviously on the cart stuck outside!

When he eventually came out - he was fine & more concerned about which ride to do next - I was not impressed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The shine had definitely gone off Disneyland, We took the safari walk to look at some animals:

A very big boy

After that we decided to head off, we had McDonalds for lunch just up the road & spotted this Caravan:
very spacey looking

Then we decided to go to Gatorland:

This was well worth the money, hundreds if not thousands of Alligators & Crocodiles:

They even had white ones, they are not Albino, they have a special gene they shows up about every 100 years!

Very weird looking
They had heaps of wild birds in the parks as well:

Even these fella’s: Emu’s

It was a great afternoon - & no rides :)
Oh except this one but even Dave thought this one could be a bit hairy:

This is over a croc pool

Ahh they made it - alive!

The next morning we left Orland at 5am & headed to Georgia, It was a pretty uneventful trip just a bit of Fog:

Georgia's border

We passed these buses on the way - we think they were taken to be renovated - we hope!

No windows or seats!
I had forgotten about all the billboards that they have on the highways - its amazing:
Just Amazing how many there are!

We pulled up at a little place called Locust Grove in Georgia just after lunch & decided that was it for the day & found a motel. 
After checking in we decided to have a look at a Western Store that we had been reading Billboards about for the last 20 mile! It was called The Horse Store. 
Wow - it was great! Lots of Stuffed animals:

Lots of Belts & Boots:

A wide selection of Bling Belts

Boots everywhere

& Saddles Galore:


& Spurs:

We had the best time just walking around looking at everything - we also brought ourselves a Boot Bag to keep our boots in :)

Then it was back to the Motel for a few Bundy’s, I tried to do the Blog but it wouldn’t save anything. So after  a very frustrating couple of hours gave that up as a bad joke!!!!!!!!!!

Well I am writing  this on word  document in the car as we are heading to Nashville & hopefully tonight I will be able to post it - If I have sorted it all out!

Cheers for Now,
Dave & Shell


  1. Wow, you guys are making me tired just looking at your adventures.

    Seems you got over your pikkie problem Shell.

    Look forward to your next post.

    Safe travels

    Chers & Bundys

  2. Happy travels and great pictures. Really enjoying your blog :)

    -The Anon Blogger

  3. Hi Retro's - yes problem solvered! But a very frustrating 3 days , put me behind a bit!.
    Cheers Shell

    Hi Anonymous Blogger - Welcome & thanks for following :)
    Cheers Shell


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