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Our American Travels
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Friday, June 22, 2012

Yellowstone to South Lake Tahoe

Leaving Yellowstone at about 7am on Wednesday morning it was very cold, good day to be in the car.
It wasn't long at all before we crossed into Idaho:

The sun was shining beautifully but it was still very cold.
We passed several fields of the Famous "Idaho Potatoes":

Our destination for today was Twin Falls Idaho.
It was about a 5 hour drive, which wasn't very eventful at all. Not much to see until we got just outside Twin Falls & we crossed this very high bridge across Snake River Canyon:

Snake River Canyon

Notice how small the Semi Looks!

We had also heard about Shoshone Falls which was 5 miles out of Town, As we were too early to check into our Motel we decided to go there first:

Well worth the $3 fee to get in.

Nearly as good as Niagara Falls
There was a beautiful park adjacent to the falls:

A Friendly local

We also check out the lake that feeds the falls - great spot for a Family outing:

This guy could really pick his spots to talk
on his phone!
Flat out resting!

Ground Hog!
Then we went back and checked into the Motel to chill out for a while.
We went for a walk later on & Dave spotted his new " Dream Truck":

Makes him look like a midget!

Believe me if he could get it home he would, it's only $57,000  USD
The next morning we headed off at 7am for our 7 hour drive to South Lake Tahoe in California. It was a very long drive but we are on our way to Yosemite National Park.
South Lake Tahoe is just over the border in California - Lake Tahoe is in Nevada, which is the state we spent most of out days travels in.
The scenery was mostly Desert:

There were a few little Casino towns in the middle of nowhere:
They just seem to pop up in the middle of the Desert!
Then as we got closer to Carson City the scenery changed again - of course more Casino's:

Then after it was Pine Forrest's:

You don't see these signs in Australia!

As we got closer to Lake Tahoe we got some glimpses of the Lake - Wow it is huge!

When we got  there we walked down to have a look - it was very windy & I'm sure the water was freezing but it looked beautiful:


This was just a stop over on our way to Yosemite National Park.
Cheers for now Shell

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