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Our American Travels
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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Oakhurst to Three Rivers California

We left Oakhurst at 7am & headed up through Kings Canyon & Sequoia National Parks.
 We passed  some fields of grapes:

How's this for Patriotic!

As we got closer to the Park it was very smokey - they were doing a controlled burn.

Entrance to the park

Smokey haze - not good for photo's!

We drove through the park at a nice leisurely pace, it was alot quieter than Yosemite.

Just as we got into the park there were some enormous Sequoia trees that have to be seen to be believed:

Just amazing

Then we walked up to the General Grant Tree,
 which is the 3rd largest tree in the world!
You can't actually get it all in 1 photo

Tree Stats!

Inside a fallen Sequoia Tree

There were lots of windy roads:

Wonderful scenery:

Halfway into Sequoia National Park we seen this:
 A Deer on the side of the road

Didn't worry about us at all!

Then we were extremely shocked to see this fellow:
He walked out of the bush

crossed the road & turned 

Back into the bush!
That certainly made our day! We were very happy to see him :)

Then we got closer to the controlled Burn:

But the smoke was going the other way so I was able to get some good photos:

this is not snow it's a white rock!

Then we run into some more roadworks:
We were reduced to 1 lane
got held up for about 1/2 hour

Then we came out the other side at Three Rivers where we stayed the night.
That"s it for now.
Cheers Dave & Shell

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