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Our American Travels
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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Driving back to Denver through Nebraska

Archway - Kearney Nebraska

Today we were heading back to Denver through Nebraska. As we went under this archway we thought we would check it out and see what it was about. It is actually the "Great Platte River Road Archway" it is a walk through monument. It takes you from the pioneer days right through to modern day travel. Very interesting, But it was all inside and the lighting was very dim, so unfortunately the photo's didn't turn out to good, but you will get the idea.

This fellow greeted you when you walked in!

It was very interesting - glad we stopped! But we couldn't stay too long as we had a long drive and a storm was brewing. We went through some rain and a lot of lightning - there were even Tornado warnings on the radio!
We made it through ok and the weather was much better in Denver.
Tomorrow we drop some stuff (shopping) off at Jas and Jo's as we are flying to New York on Wednesday for a 10 day coach trip. It will include The Canadian side of Niagara Falls, Washington and Philadelphia - we are looking forward to that!
I'm sure Dave will be looking forward to not driving for a while!

When we get back we will spend a few days with Jas and Jo including the 4th July! Then we are off again for a 3 week road trip which will include Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas to name a few!
Then our trip to the USA will be over, so we are really going to try and fit in as much as possible.

Bye for Now,
Dave and Shell

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