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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Western Style shopping experience - Missouri

 We were driving from Abilene in Kansas to Columbia Missouri when we spotted a billboard for a Western Store that had over 19,000 pairs of boots - we thought we should check it out!
Well we got a huge surprise when we walked into the store (more like a warehouse) there were stuffed animals from all over the world all around the store. Here is a link to the store:

Kleinschmidt's Western Store

Here are some photo's:







As you can see, there were heaps, even a Kangaroo! I asked for permisson to take the photo's and the lady said "no problem" she said that they had visitors from all over the world come to their store and most were amazed by the animals.
Dave and I spent 2 hours in there, the clothes were as amazing as the animals. We got some Jeans, Shirts and a pair of Boots each  - of course!

As we left to go out to the carpark this 5th Wheeler drove in. Now we have seen some amazing 5th wheelers while we have been touring around in america but this one takes the cake just check it out:

This is a F-650!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bloody unbelievable!

 Well that's all for now - no snow :)

Dave & Shell

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