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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Grand Lake to Denver

Leaving Grand Lake Colorado

Hi Everyone,
We left Grand Lake on Friday Morning to head back to Lone tree. We had to return the hire car as you can only hire them for 28 days in a row! A bit annoying but we decided to change the car as well - the seats were very uncomfortable! We now have a Dodge Charger for the next week!
The scenery on the drive back was again beautiful all the way.


It only took a couple of hours to get there, this is a bridge as you approach Denver.

We visited with Jo and Family for a while before checking into our motel. Jas wanted to take his parents to Aspen for the weekend so we agreed to tag along - as you do :)
We headed off on saturday arvo, it was about a 3 1/2 hr drive. Once again we were heading back up into the mountains, but we just love all the scenery. This is what we saw on the way.

This was in Lone Tree - David couldn't resist the photo!


On Sunday we all had a look around Aspen. Of course the skiing season is over but there were still heaps of people there - No celebrities though :)
Downtown Aspen

Jas, Jo, Kids and Us

The water fountain kept the kids amused for a while

Jas's Parents - Bev & Trev

The next generation of Shopper!

After checking out town, we went for a drive up the mountain to a peak of 12,095 ft. Another magnificent scenic drive!

Frozen Lake!

I appologise to everyone who is sick of the snow photo's - But it is just so amazing when you are there, that you have to take photo's!
We drove back to Lone tree on sunday arvo. Monday Dave and I filled in the day shopping - the prices are just amazing over here for clothes, so of course we have to buy some!
Last night we had a BBQ at Jo and Jas's to say goodbye again for a week as we are doing another road trip.
We left Lone tree this morning and are now in Abilene Kansas and tomorrow we decide which way we go from here. We have to be back in Denver by the 21st June to catch a plane to New York as we have a 10 day coach trip planned, but more on that later.

Cheers for now
Dave & Shell

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  1. looks like a great time jas and lo have beautiful kids. New York sounds exciting. Pete wants to see some photos that don't have snow so work on that haha love you
    love shantelle x x


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