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Our American Travels
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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wow - what a day!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Everyone,
Well we certainly had a full day today!
Firstly we called into Bear Country USA, which is a drive through wildlife park. Just checkout all the animals that are in there:





And that was just in the drive through area - there was more!
They had a seperate area that you could walk through:





It was a fantastic park, great value for money.

Then we headed off to Mt Rushmore - Wow again!

We saw this on the way - thought of the Retro Roamers, so had to add a picture for them :)

Very Sleek Looking! Dont know about comfort though!

Here is Mt Rushmore:

The Sculptor
We added a few more heads!

There were heaps of  people there it is Summer Break now for school, they have 3 months off!

They have a flag for every state

After this we went to the "Crazy Horse Memorial"
It is a work in progress, it started in 1948 and the head is clearly visible:

This is what it is going to look like:
But it won't be finished for many years. It is a tribute to Crazy Horse and his indian people who were betrayed!
This is not a government funded project, they will not accept any government funding they rely on park admissions and donations.
There is a Indian Museum of North America on site with beautiful Jewellery and wares for sale:

Dave was pretty impressed with the knives!

Well that was our day. We will spent the next couple of days travelling so there won't be much to report for while.

Dave & Shell

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  1. I Liked the little bear he was cute :)
    Bec xx


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