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Our American Travels
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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Niagara Falls Canada

Hi everyone,
Well we left New York at 9am on Thursday heading for Niagara Falls on the Canada side. Our tour company is Cosmos and we have 45 people on tour with us. Quite a few Aussies as well  - which is great!
Our tour director Larry is keeping us all under control!
We went through a fair bit of rain getting there, but it did clear up as we got to the border. We all had to get off the coach and go through customs showing our passports - but this was an easy process, no problems!
The bridge crossing the border.

We checked into our motel an then headed off to see the falls about a 10 minute walk.
These are the Falls on the American side:

And these are the Horseshoe Falls on the Canadian side:

It is very hard to get an all over shot of these falls as the mist from them is so thick!
After this we went for dinner at the casino, it was a great meal - all you can eat buffet! Yes we will be going on diets when we get back!!!!!!!!!!
When we were walking back to the motel they had the lights on the falls so we took a few more shots:

Just beautiful aren't they!

The next day we went on the famous Maid of the Mist tour, which is a boat ride that takes you close to the falls. That close infact that you get very wet. They supply you with lovely blue poncho's! We put our cameras in zip lock bags to protect them and the photos weren't too bad considering:

Definitely another WOW experience!

That night we most of us went to a Canadian Dinner Show - which was very entertaining and the food was laid on!
We all had a great time

The show was light hearted and good fun

 It was a very full, fun day. Tomorrow we are off to Philadelphia.

Cheers, Dave & Shell


  1. WOW I love the lughts on the falls thats beautiful. Maid of the mist is on the movie bruce almighty (petes a jim carrey nut so i've seen it a few times haha)
    love shantelle x x

  2. hey mum and dad!!!!

    pictures look awesome :)
    aaron and i were wondering if you were going to niagra falls!!!
    i can't believe how cool it looks at night !!!! :o lucky you!!!

    haha so what else have you been getting up to?
    seems like i havent spoken to you in a while lol..

    feel free to call at work if you get a spare minute lol

    cant wait to see more photos :) xxxx
    lots of love
    stay safe

    love Teigz and Aaron :) xxx


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