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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Yellowstone National Park

Hi Everyone,

Well we made it to Yellowstone ok. We really didn't have to worry about the weather at all. But we did see alot of snow on the way.

We called into a Visitor Centre at Ashton to enquire about the roads up to the park. The ladies informed us that even though it had been snowing up there the way we were going was fine. We were entering from the west side.
They did tell us however of a little detour on the way that took us to Mesa Falls - very worthwhile!


We got to the township on West Yellowstone about 4pm and checked into our room.
We spent the next 2 days exploring the Park it is really huge. Here are a few animals that we saw in the park:



The rangers were moving the Bison further into the park so we got a really good look at them:

they held up the traffic for a couple of miles!

We visited "Old Faithful" the famous Geyser.

It certainly lived up to it's name

We also visited the thermal pools:


The Park has these all over, some smell really bad of sulphur - I avoided those ones :)

This is a lake near some thermal pools, it may not look like it but that is ice on top:

Unfortunately  we missed out on seeing alot of animals like bears, wolves, coyotes. But I suppose you can't have everything.
 So we went to the Bears and Wolves discovery centre in town.

It Was a freezing cold day, it snowed on and off!


This fellow didn't mind the cold - he went for a swim!

We enjoyed our time at yellowstone, a shame we didn't see all the animals. The cold didn't even worry us much - but we did have to buy some warmer clothes!
While we were there we came across a Photo Studio that takes old time photo's of you with stuffed animals, so we decided to do that:

Dave got to hold a Gun!

It was great fun!

The scenery around the park was just beautiful, here are some photo's:

We are constantly amazed by this country's beauty and how quickly the landscape changes.
Today we drove to Billings on our way to Rapid City to see Mt Rushmore. Here is some scenery that we witnessed today:

That's all for now,
Happy Travels,
Dave & Shell

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