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Our American Travels
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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Indianapolis, Indiana

Today we drove to Indianapolis to the Indi 500 Hall of Fame.
I didn't know what to expect - not being into racing, ( I only know about the Indi 500 what I learnt on Tool Time with Tim Allen, Home Improvements) but this is something Dave wanted to do and it was pretty good. It only cost $5ea admission to the museum and $5ea for a guided track tour.

Hall Of Fame

The Museum:




And the Track:




It was very good value for money.

We left there and headed up towards Chicago, we didnt actually want to go to Chicago, we were heading for Winsconsin but our Tom Tom took us straight up that way because we chose "no tolls". We were told by the hire car company that if we go through 1 toll we will be charged the yearly fee of $85! Of course being Friday arvo it was rather busy and we got stuck in gridlock for 2 1/2 hrs. It was also very smoggy but here are the photo's anyway.

Imagine driving through this every day!

Dave was amazed by how many trucks there were!

We were very glad to get the hell out of there! I think I would have preferred to pay the $85!

We made it to Winsconsin about 8pm - Luckily it doesnt get dark till about 8.30 here!
Till next time
Bye for now,
Dave & Shell

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