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Our American Travels
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Monday, June 20, 2011

Madison Winsconsin

we had a look around Madison before we left this morning. It is a pretty place, as is was the weekend they had market stalls around the Capitol building.

The building itself is very beautiful and is patterned off Washington DC building:

Very Magestic

this lady sits on top

Very intricate work

the weather was starting to change - rain coming, so we headed off towards Minnesota.

We went through a fair bit of rain and got to Bloomington Minnesota about 4.30pm. Our motel was straight across from the "Mall Of America" our motel had a free shuttle bus to it so we thought we would check it out.
Another WOW only in America! it has an inside theme park - rollercosters, ferris wheel, rides galore!

While we were there we thought we would go to the movies. We have been wanting to see Hangover 2 since it come out. Well let me tell you if you want a good laugh you have to see this movie, we think it was better than the first! Would you believe that it only cost us $10ea on a Saturday night!
Well that's all for now,
Cheers Dave & Shell

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