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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Driving through Lousiana to Texas!

Hi Everyone,

We left Vicksburg, Mississippi this morning on our way to Louisiana. We crossed the Mississippi River and into Louisiana:


We drove to a town called Shreveport which has quite a few Casinos:

this one really stood out - It is all Gold in colour!

With this lovely fountain at the entrance.

We decided to call into another Outdoor World Store:

This one was even bigger than the last one. It was 2 storeys with a cafe – where we had lunch and then Dave found a shooting game so he had to have a go :)

When we left the store we noticed that there was a caged off area at the front of the store so we went to have a look – Would you believe they had live Alligators in there!’Another WOW!

Just imagine going to Bunning’s or a BCF and seeing a crocodile pit!

The car park was full of “trucks”

We even saw a Hummer Ute! Haven’t seen one before!

We passed this place on the way out of town – shame we had already had lunch – I mean who can refuse Gizzards & Liver, sounds good don’t you think!

Dave calls these roads “ Spaghetti” cause that’s what it looks like on Tom Tom! Glad we don’t have too many of them at home!

This was in the middle of nowhere! Petrol Station with Casino – of course!


We crossed the border into Texas:

We called into a town called Carthage, is it home to the Texas Country Music Hall Of Fame.

This statue was just amazing the detail in it was unbelievable. It looks like it is made out of wood but it is actually copper!

The Museum has displays and large features on Jim Reeves and Tex Ritter – Who was John Ritter’s (Actor) Father.

Jim Reeves
Tex Ritter

That have a wall of inducted Country Music singers – unfortunately we didn’t know most of them, except of course – Jim Reeves, I grew up listening to him!

Willie Nelson

Kris Kristofferson

Waylon Jennings

They had a special display for John Ritter as a tribute to him and his family for all the help and support in getting the museum up and running.

Here are a few more displays:




We spent about an hour here and it was time to head off. We decided to spend the night in Jacksonville Texas

Tomorrow we are off to a place called San Angelo – still in Texas, It’s a big state!


Dave & Shell

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  1. wow - a trip full of memories that one ... gotta hand it to the Yanks they wrote the definition on HUGE


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