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Our American Travels
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Monday, July 11, 2011


Hi everyone,

Today we went to Graceland.

It was amazing. Everything in the house is exactly the way Elvis left it. It brought back so many memories with the style of furnishing and decor.


Then we went out side:

Graceland's Backyard
Then onto Vernon's Office:


Past the Horses and onto the Trophy room:



Then we walked out past the pool to another trophy room:

This room was amazing, all the records on the walls just blew you away!

Here are some of his Costumes:

Then the saddest part of the Tour - His Gravesite, it was very emotional standing right beside it.

He is buried on the grounds of Graceland with his family:

His Mum

His Dad

and His Grandmother.
There were crowds of people there all lined up to take photos:

That was the end of the Graceland tour then it was back into the shuttle to the ticket office and the car museum:



We all remember this one!
Then off to see his Jets:


It was a money well spent, we really enjoyed it.

Cheers, Dave & Shell

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