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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Our 3 Days in Texas

Couldn't resist taking a photo of this!

Hi Everyone,

Firstly I would just like to apologise to everyone who has tried to put a comment on I believe it is not working – unfortunately I cannot fix this! Hopefully it will get sorted soon.

Well we are at the end of this “trip of a lifetime”. We have had an absolute ball; we have seen and done so much it has been amazing.

For the last couple of days we have been driving through Texas – it’s huge! We have to be back in Denver on 21st July – we fly out to LA on the 24th but we have to sort out our luggage :(

Texas is having a heat wave & drought at the moment ,a local told us yesterday that they are up to 50 days straight of around 100 degrees! (Around the 40’s) Everything is very dry and dusty.

We had our night in Jacksonville – not much to do there. Then we headed off to San Angelo, we passed through Waco, pretty big place.

More "Spaghetti"

Lunch at Gatesville then of to San Angelo – which is know for it’s murals all around town. I managed to get photos of a few of them.

We went to a few Western Stores in town – addicted to them now, they have some amazing stuff! One shop we went to was Lennys Boots, they hand make their boot – 10 months waiting list! They are beautiful boots. We spoke to a bloke who works there, he was interested in where we had been in our nearly 3months. Not surprisingly we had been to many more places then him!

We had another nice steak dinner that night – Texas has great steak restaurants!

The next day we headed off through Lubbock, the countryside was very dry:

We passed some oil rigs that are scattered everywhere:


Even in the middle of crops:

We got to San Angelo – another big place. We had been reading billboards about The Big Texan Restuarant and gift shop so we had to check it out:

They had some great stuff in there – we got a few souvenirs!

These Police bikes were in the car park:

Then we went to another Western store up the highway and brought a couple of belts!

These were the door handles on the Western Store – Dave thought they were pretty cool:

We decided to continue on a bit further so that our last day of driving wouldn’t be too long.

We drove to Delhart – out last stop in Texas! The Landscape was still very dry.

It was another very hot day here is the Temperature reading on the car:
108F - 42.2C

We spent or last night in Texas at Dalhart, tomorrow we head back to Denver for our final few days :(

Dave and shell

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